SIA Holstein Competition: JESTHER on top

The Holstein Competition of the International Agricultural Show was held in February 25, 2013 in Paris and saw JESTHER, an ambassador of Genes Diffusion genetics, enter its name in the history of this 2013 edition.

Team EHB (JESTHER) 2013 starts well

Team EHB during the first section - © PHFIt is a daughter of JESTHER who has been designated "Reserve Champion Adult" of the competition. The Team EHB from the EARL Les Fromenteries (45) that we have already talked about recently. She was, indeed, one of the 12 champions of annual ranking TOP 12 PLM (including 4 outcomes from Genes Diffusion genetics) rewarding the cows that illustrated in 2012, in large regional and national competitions in France. Team EHB was, in particular, the Grand Champion of the Regional Show Centre in 2012.

Team EHB, daughter of JESTHER x AARONBack in the ring in Paris, the daughter of JESTHER, this time, was awarded a first prize of the section in the category "adult" before being distinguished Reserve Champion Adult. Mickaël FIEVET, Holstein technician of the CIA Genes Diffusion who witnessed the competition says: « For an old cow (6th lactation), she kept a very good state of preservation, and in addition, she combines a good level of linear traits for competition: good dairy character, very good udder support and she is also a solid cow that moves easily » describes the technician.

Red Competition

Candi Robe during the 2011 SIA. She's a daughter of Elayo Red x Jordan Red.Also welcome the performance of Bernard Boulet, with Candi Robe, who managed to win the title of « Champion Red ». « This cow is awesome in her skeleton » says Mickaël FIEVET. Candy Robe is a daughter of an Italian sire Elayo Red and Genes Diffusion ensured his distribution in France. Candi Robe had also been the selection of the moment in the section Embryos of the Genes Diffusion internet website, with a coupling realized with GOLDWYN.

A breeder from the North in the spotlight

GAEC Leroy-Louvion (59), in fact, managed to win the ultimate distinction of the Holstein competition Paris with the title of "Grand Champion" for his cow Lux Elf who had won earlier, a show of «Young Champion», which is pretty rare in cattle competitions! Member of the Septentrion Holstein association (which had given the CIA Genes Diffusion the responsibility to prepare animals for competition in Paris), the GAEC Leroy-Louvion has been the member of the Charte GD+ of the Genes Diffusion Selection Company since 1999.

Congratulations to breeders for obtained results that helped to highlight the genetics and technical support of Genes Diffusion.


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