SIMAGENA: The Charolais Optimal Scheme very active

In addition to the excellent results obtained in the Charolais competition SIMAGENA, Genes Diffusion also occupied the ring of the Paris show to introduce the branch Polled from its selection scheme.

Grand Champion Savane

Savane, Grand Champion of SIMAGENASavane, a daughter of HARNOIS and dam of several bulls like VOLTAIRE and CHABAL, was awarded the Grand Champion of the Charolais Show SIMAGENA. Savane had been previously classified as first of the section "pregnant cows." If she belongs to GAEC d’Admelle (54) today, she was born in EARL Houdmon, famous Charolais breeding in Loiret (45).

Guilia, first in Young Heifers sectionSavane was not the only one to illustrate. Indeed, we can mention Guilia, who finished the first in the section in the category « Young Heifers ». Guilia comes from the Dynamis farm (76).

Bergamotte, first in « cows with calves » sectionEqually first of the section in the category « cows with calves », Bergamote comes from the grand-raceur bull NARCISSE, born in Oise (60) several years ago. She also comes from Oise, specifically from the herd Saillart.

Finally, not to forget Formidable, who scored in the section « pregnant heifers ». She is a daughter of testing bull Chablis, which also comes from Admelle of GAEC (54).

Vidéo of VOLTAIRE where Savane can be seen

Presentation of Polled

Presentation of Genes Diffusion Polled program on the stage of SIMAGENAThanks to the competition, the visitors could see a demonstration of Polled animals from the Charolais Optimal scheme.

One of the main axes of the Selection Enterprise of Genes Diffusion is the direction towards Polled because it perfectly meets the expectations of Charolais breeders. Presentation of animals has demonstrated that polled breeding bulls today can compete with the horned bulls both in calving ease and in performance at weaning and fattening.


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