The upcoming index of June will confirm the release of promising COUM CRAC, a son of ROUMARE loaded with exceptional qualities!

COUM CRAC« He has around 160 points of ISU, 2.0 in type, high health traits and is very good in protein » says Frédéric LEPOINT, Holstein Sire Analyst of Genes Diffusion.

Grandeur, daughter of COUM CRACBorn in the herd of the GAEC de la Coumière in Haute-Marne (52), COUM CRAC has a very interesting pedigree with no Goldwyn, Shottle and O-Man:

Roumare x Clarisse VG87 (Titanic) x Dia Claire VG86 (Dutch Boy) x Tirsvad Patron Claire EX92 x Tirsvad Luke Classic EX90

Clarisse VG87 (Titanic) dam of COUM CRAC - Owner: GAEC de la Coumiere, Effincourt (Fr)4th generation: TIRSVAD PATRON CLAIRE EX-92Heavily used throughout Europe and coming from the phenomenal US-Danish family of Tirsvad Luke Classic, Holstein cow Tirsvad Patron Claire ranks among the best bull dams in Western Europe. In total, she has 5 sons tested in Germany. Led by Calysto, they reach an average deviation of almost two standard deviations, reflecting an outstanding result.

6585 - Sire: Coum Crac - Owner: GAEC delattre. Guigny (Fr.) COUM CRAC definitely brings to his daughters:

  • Frame Quality
  • Fantastic Udder
  • Very good Feet&Legs
  • Outstanding Dairy Type
  • Perfect Teat Placement

Daughters are very much like the dam of the bull and are ideal for shows. Best mated: to powerful cows having good stature.


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