Indexes of June 2013: new revelations in all segments

The June index release is always highly awaited because it precedes the start of the season. This index is very interesting for the information on new genomic bulls available. As such, it is important to look at the dates of birth: many bulls in the top of the French index are not yet available either because they have not enough doses and are available exclusively within the selection scheme (their owner), or because they are not yet able to produce semen.

5635, fille de DT BENITO Fusée (CAESAR x ROUMARE x OKENDO)This index is very important especially for bulls that see daughters coming in their index. They are called polygenic bulls and meet the needs of farmers in search of maximum guarantees. In the category of proven sires, DT BENITO and CAESAR are the two best sons of Shottle with respectively 181 and 165 points of ISU. Caesar is said to be one of the most complete Shottle with extremely strong daughters with solid feet and legs, excellent udder, very good quantity of milk but also good health traits.

6317 - Père: Cieske - Prop: Ferme du Grand Bois Lievin Lecoustre, 62. Blequin (Fr.) Fauvette - Père : Cael - Prop: GAEC le Coeur Vendeen, 85. Fougere (Fr.)Noteworthy is the arrival of some new young bulls as Cieske and Cael. Coming from the Rudolph Olivia family, Cieske was born in the Gallais (35) herd and displays 158 points of ISU. He has a very good type. His daughters are strong, powerful with excellent rear udder attachments. Cael was born in the Pierrière farm in Vendée. He is a son of Bolton, from the Rotate Kelly family. Cieske is a well balanced bull with a high level of protein.

Grandeur, fille de COUM CRACCOUM CRAC, son of ROUMARE was born, as his name suggests, in the herd of GAEC de la Coumière (52). He comes from a slightly different pedigree with Titanic and Dutch Boy from the family Tirsvad Luke Classic. He will be interesting for producers wishing to improve milk components.

ColderTo sum up, Colder was born in the GAEC de la Roche (44) farm. This Goldwyn son that belonged to the genomic bulls with excellent type three years ago, places himself today among proven sires as one of the best bulls for this feature, including +2.8 in Udder, + 1 , 5 in Feet and Legs and 3.3 in Type. This specialist in Type with 156 points of ISU and 850 kg of milk comes from a daughter of Titanic from the Wa-Del Black Star Molly family.

Genomic bulls

Fiona, mère d'HaeromanFrom genomic bulls side, Haeroman, No. 1 son of FAMOUS MAN, concede few places in this new ranking, due to the arrival of some new young bulls and decreased index of his grandsire Man-o-Man. He loses 6 points of ISU. Despite this, with 188 points of ISU he remains specialist in Protein with +2.2. He is very complete in Type and very good in health traits. He is now available for matings in our selection program.

Perfect Aiko is our new leader. French N° 1 son of Freddie x KHW Goldwyn Aiko, he takes the 4th place in the French ranking with 189 points of ISU and appears as one of the leaders of the breed for the protein (+1.1), the type(+3.0) and the fertility (+1.7).

French N° 1 son of Lotta Hill, Haro CAPj, born in the herd of Cabon (29) and from the Jennifer family transmits the image of his sire, a good milk potential and exceptional type. He is also very strong for all health traits.

Greg Cap JDo not forget Greg CAPj who comes from the same family. He will be one of the best sons of Snowman, commercially available from 1st of July. He still appears in the French Top 20.

The true satisfaction for Genes Diffusion in this index release is the French ranking of polled bulls that are generating an increasing interest. Genes Diffusion is today the selection company that owns the vast majority of polled bulls in the French ranking with five bulls in the top 10, but especially the 1st two in the ranking, both exceeding 170 points of ISU: Hab Red P and Holpom P, born in the herd of Pommière (42). This allows them to compete with the horned bulls. The polled gene is not the only asset of Hab Red P, he is also red with 172 points of ISU, a good production index, excellent health traits (+2.3 udder health, +1.6 fertility). Holpom P is No. 1 son of FISON PP with 171 points of ISU and a very complete profile. We can also mention Hietje P, born in the GAEC de la Cigogne (67), member breeder of the Charter GD +. This bull is a rare son of Gold Chip from a daughter of Lawn Boy P x Talent in the Netherlands. He confirms a high level of ISU of 160 points, mainly thanks to his protein (+0.9) and type (+2.5), but also he is very good in health traits (+1, 0), fertility (+0.6) and productive life(+2.2).

Halo Ant P, born in the Antoine (59) farm, partner of the Charter GD +, is the No. 1 son of Dassi x Shottle (full sister of the sire DT Benito). Halo Ant P is a very complete bull with ISU 156, type + 2.0 and +0.8 in protein.

Hass RF P is also one of the top 10 French. This son of Snowman x Lawn Boy P from the Massia family in the Netherlands, was born in the herd of GAEC de la Moulde (16), partner of the Charter GD +. He offers the opportunity to bring the Snowman genes GASSI RF Pinto the polled pedigrees and thus to strengthen the dairy potential with almost 1000 kg of milk, +2.0 in type. Very good for fertility, he will undoubtedly become a sire of sons.

Finally, note that Gassi RF P is a new polled commercially available bull. He has a red factor in his possession and belongs to the most complete polled bulls with a good level of production (644kg milk and 0.6 in protein). He is complete in type, particularly good for udder. Gassi is a son of Dassi from a Baxter's daughter, out of the well-known Naurine family, origin of many bulls, including Vaucluse.


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