September 2013 Charolais Proof: the confirmation in all categories

For the first time, the IBOVAL proof has known a second annual publication. This index is now available to start reproduction campaign with updated indexes for both males and females. This intermediate index takes into account all the weights and scores recorded until the end of June, including the calves born in the fall.

The vintage 2014 confirmed

Plébiscité de tous, ARTOIS assure des vêlages faciles en effet direct et indirect.Following the weaning of the second calves of daughters in testing, bulls of the so-called 43 series put on market this summer confirmed their excellent milk potential. ATHOS : (maternal effect on weaning weight) =114 (+ 3pt) ; ALLUY : ALait =110 ; AZELIER : ALait = 111 (- 1 pt) and BANCO : Alait= 109 (+1 pt).

The bull ARTOIS also confirms the enthusiasm of farmers with an increase on IFNAIS (easy birth of calf): 112 (+1 pt), the ISEVR (total merit index for direct effect at weaning): 108 (+4 pt) and the IVMAT (total merit index for maternal traits): 108 (+5 pt).


Polled and Maternal value

CABAR SC : le taureau Sans Cornes utilisable sur génisses pour accroître le format.With the arrival of new daughters in production, bulls VIRGIL SC and VIZIR SC are always in the elite in maternal values with 119 and 120 IVMAT. Note that a third polled bull, BECO SC (UNICO SC/HABIT),is credited with a positive milk ability with 103 in ALait (maternal effect on weaning weight).

The bull CABAR SC holds his rank of a real bull on heifers with IFNAIS of 109 (+1 pt) allowing a broad use on females with horns as well as hornless females type "Mixed".


TAMILLY takes the pole position

Side of confirmed bulls, bulls’ hierarchy changes little. Out of the 16 bulls brought to market with IVMAT ≥ 120, 13 are distributed by Genes Diffusion. While TAMILLY takes the lead with a national ranking of 125 in IVMAT, bulls UNIBLOC, VITTOZ and TRYPHON follow with an index of 124. POPULAIR and BASTION complete the podium with 123 in maternal value.

TOULON : Croissance, volume et qualités maternelles.Among the most significant developments of this intermediate index, a special mention should be sent to TOULON. He increased by 8 points on his dairy potential (ALait = 109) with the arrival of his first daughters (+ 230 daughters having weaned a calf). Already popular for growth (CRsev- growth capacity = 112), frame development (DSsev = 121) and calving ability of his daughters (AVel = 131), this bull is one of the leaders in maternal values in the segment of the bulls used on cows type "Farming".

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