AgroFarm exhibition - 4 to 6 February 2014 in Moscow

The AgroFarm exhibition was held from 4 to 6 February 2014 at the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVC), Moscow. This international exhibition for animal husbandry and animal breeding in Russia continues to grow - Some 415 exhibitors from 30 countries - Over 50 professional events – 10 100 visitors - Modern reproductive technologies a key Highlight.

Among leading foreign countries belonged Germany, Denmark, France. First collective stands attended New Zealand and Lithuania.

As in previous years, GENES DIFFUSION represented by Lieven Carron and Boris Kasatkin, actively participated and with its Russian partner OAO URALPLEMCENTER, represented by Mymrin V.S., Morozova M.N. and Masharova M.N. took the exhibition stand where they provided information on reproduction and breeding work in France and in the Sverdlovsk region.


Great interest has attracted the provided information on the bull FISON PP, which is currently the best homozygous polled bull in France. His offspring in 100% of cases will be hornless, moreover, the bull has a high value of index gISU 143, is improver in type, has high fertility and very good production life.


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