Holstein Index Release, what’s new in 2014

Result of the last index release in November, you could observe the arrival of many new bulls that will be soon available (see box below). This is the opportunity to discover the commercial offer of the beginning of 2014.

Never in the history of France, a sire and his son, have reached an exceptional level of 188 points in ISU at the same time:

FAMOUS MAN, the sire (Man-O-Man x Bolton)

Born in the herd of GAEC GALLAIS (35), FAMOUS MAN is still the leading son of Man-o-Man in France, and probably one of his best sons in the world.

HAEROMAN, the son (Famous Man x Million)

Born in the herd of Denis DEFOUR (42), a partner breeder of the GD+ Charte, HAEROMAN is a son of the full sister of Eskaman. Like his sire, he is specialist in protein, well balanced in type and very improver in health traits. HAEROMAN will be available in 2014.

Among other popular bulls in the catalog

GIBSONS (Cypripède x Planet)

MB Etoile, GIBSONS's damAmong other popular bulls in the catalog, we can distinguish GIBSONS who is constantly improving his index. Gibsons belongs to the Top 10 French. N° 1 son of CYPRIPEDE (progeny proved nowdays) issued from a dam sired by Planet VG 88 exported to Germany, both a Show Winner and a Bull Dam with an international reputation. GIBSONS is one of the most popular bulls in the catalog at the moment thanks to his:

  • High level in ISU(189)
  • Well balanced profile. Very improver in milk, protein and health traits , having faultless type .
  • Usability on heifers.

New bulls appear in the commercial catalog in the beginning of January

GOASTEL (Atwood x Bolton)

Bolton Cyprès, GOASTEL's damGOASTELBorn in the herd of GAEC GALLAIS (35), GOASTEL is much awaited by French breeders after being used as a Sire of Sons. He is now available. This half-brother of Famous Man is still the # 1 son of Atwood in France (ISU 170). His strengths:

  • A true image of the maternal family and of his sire Atwood, significantly improves Type (+3.7).
  • He is equally very interesting for improvement of components without deteriorating the dairy potential.
  • It should be noted that this son of Atwood is positive in majority of health traits, especially rump angle, which is not the strong point of his sire thanks to what he becomes one of the easiest to use.

HARIBERT (Eskaman x Bolton)

Bolton Claudia, HARIBERT's damHARIBERTBorn in the GAEC of BARITEL (01), HARIBERT is an outstanding complete bull that will justify his usage very easily, thanks to his index:

  • Very dairy potential (around 1000 kg),
  • Slightly positive components
  • Improver in health (Udder Health +1,1 ; Fertility +0,9 ; Productive Life +1,8)
  • Exceptionel Type (+3,4), especially for quality of Udder (+3,5) and Feet&Legs (+1,4)

GROOVE SJ (Palermo x Bolton)

Dolton GPB, GROOVE SJ's damGROOVE SJBorn in the GAEC LES SOURCES DU JAUNAY (85), GROOVE is at this moment the n°1 in Type (+3, 0) and n°3 in ISU (175) of the Palermo’s sons in France. Just like his sire, he is:

  • Very improver in components, but be careful for dairy potential
  • Real strength in type, especially udder, frame quality with volume, depth and udder cleft
  • Very improver for health traits
  • Usable on heifers.

HILTOP-RED (Spectrum x Destry)

HILTOP REDBorn in the GAEC GALLAIS (35), HILTOP is, as his name suggests, a newcomer in the Red Holstein range. He has a lot of qualities:

  • Original pedigree : son of Spectrum (FBI x Talent) on a very good daughter of Destry x Classic x Lentini
  • N°1 in type (+3,1) in the French Red Holstein
  • Interesting index level for a Red Holstein (144 points of ISU; milk + 428 kg ; type+ 3,1)
  • Improver in health traits

DYONNE BY (Bolton x O-Man)

Daughter : Fututstar TB88Resulted from an embryo imported from the U.S., DYONNE’s dam is a famous Crokett-Acres Elita VG 87, who is none other than the full sister of bull Otto, and his fourth dam is Whittier-Farms Lead Mae EX 95. Dyonne is a bull that is not unknown for farmers, after being used as Sire of Sons; he belongs among first genomic bulls introduced to market. Dyonne moves into the catalog in the senior category thanks to his very good confirmation on progeny. He is actually the French N°2 of the sons of Bolton, behind another Genes Diffusion bull: CYPRIPEDE.

Dyonne’s daughters are remarkable by:

  • Their excellent dairy potential (milk +1 386 kg).
  • Their type: his progeny presents pretty good volume (Stature +2,3), with the frame quality, in particular the length and strength of the body. Udder system is an asset for dughters of Dyonne, with low volume despite the production potential, very good fore udder and excellent teat placement.
  • Dyonne is perfectly adapted for robotised milking.

News in the range “sexed”:

Three new bulls come to reinforce already wide range of « sexed » and will be proposed exclusively in sexed semen:

GEXDALE (Explode x Roumare)

Southland Dellia 152, GEXDALE's damBorn in the SOUTHLAND herd in the Netherlands, GEXDALE raises already a keen interest and is an important feature of this new year:

  • Modern pedigree, rare son of Explode available x VG 87 ROUMARE x TB Shottle x EX 90 Adam.
  • Remarkable family, developed in the herd of SOUTHLAND (NL) and dating back to the American cow Dix-Jim Shairman Bess.
  • Complete bull with a good dairy potential (+1000 kg), positive components, functionality, type (+2,8)
  • Easy calving.

HILLA POM (Van Gogh x Vaucluse)

Fertile Pom, HILLA POM's damBorn in the GAEC de la POMMIERE (42), HILLA POM is coming from the SANIAL (42) herd and belongs to the very famous French family of this herd dating back to the cow Benarlinda, daughter of Ben EX 93.

  • His Pedigree : Van Gogh (Goldwyn x Rudolph) x VG 86 Vaucluse x VG 86 Bolton x VG 88 Lancelot
  • Strengths :
    • Milk (+806 kg),
    • Protein (+0,6)
    • Udder health (+1,9)
    • Fertility (+0,9)
    • Udder (+2,1)
    • Feet&Legs (+1,4)
    • Calv. Ease (+90)
  • HILLA POM possesses all the traits that the dairy farmers are looking for. Suitable for breeders using robots.

GAUSSON (Palermo x Usonet Fin)

Epargne, GAUSSON's damBorn in the herd of LE COUEDIC (22), GAUSSON is a complete bull providing the best value for money; he brings the touch of originality thanks to his maternal grand sire.

  • Pedigree : Palermo x VG 86 Usonet Fin x VG 87 Bolton x VG 88 Mr Ships x EX 90 Tugolo
  • Strengths :
    • Production (practically 700 kg)
    • Type (+2,4)
    • Health Traits:
      • Somatic Cells (+0,8)
      • Clinical Mastitis (+0,5)
      • Fertility (+0,7)

Arrival of New bulls to TOP French

Several new bulls with very high genetic level will be available little later due to their young age. At this moment, these bulls are used only within the selection scheme.

• HITORIAN (Yorick x Niagra), N°1 son of Yorick in France.

• HARO CAPJ (Hill Lotta x Man-O-Man), French N°1 son of Hill who should appear in the Summer Catalog

• HUG MAN (Bud Light x Niagra), n°1 son of Bud Light, a sire that brings a lot of genetic originality

• 2 polled specialists:
- HAB RF P (Colt P x Otto), french N° 1 for this gene (174 points d’ISU)
- HOLPOM P (FISON PP x VAUCLUSE), 2nd in the French classification, n°1 son of FISON PP


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