A large choice of novelties

The April proof is essential in France for our Selection Company because it will determine the selection of bulls of the new catalog. Available at the end of May, this catalog will be very important for the good launch of the new campaign that tends to come quicker and starts early June. Another advantage: the French proofs are now coupled with those realized internationally. Note that you shouldn’t forget to take into account the change of base of 5 ISU points which is included in this new index release.

The novelties of the upcoming catalog are:

Senior Range (progeny proven bulls)

We can be proud of the outstanding results obtained in the national ranking. Not less than ten Genes Diffusion bulls are in the Top 20, including:

  • DT BENITO in 1-st place, with 177 points of ISU and his 1,456 kg of milk.
  • An excellent rebound for DYONNE : with now more than 300 daughters, he reaches 168 points of ISU, 1,455 kg of milk, +2.3 points in type and +1.0 point in fertility. He is considered as the best son of Bolton in France
  • Just behind DYONNE, we find CYPRIPEDE with 167 points of ISU, gathering more than 1 000 daughters in his index.

Among the most important novelties included in our new catalog we can mention:

  • AIRGON (JEEVES x LOU MARSH): tested in Italy and coming from our international partnership with the ABS group, this bull will be very useful to fight inbreeding. AIRGON has a good milk potential associated with an exceptional morphological level +3.9. His daughters confirm an impressive frame development, good udders and feet & legs of remarkable quality, worth a note rarely obtained of +3.0 for their sire.
  • SHERAC (ACTIVE x SHOTTLE): As a result of our partnership with ABS as well, SHERAC was born and tested in the U.S. With 200 daughters in his index, SHERAC belongs to the confirmed bulls with a very complete profile of a pretty good level (163 points of ISU) and joins the leaders’ club in France for the Fertility index (+1.9) as it is the case in the USA, too. With his complete profile, very high health traits, easy calving and genetic originality (ACTIVE, son of BOSS IRON), this sire will be very easy to use.
  • DEMION (STOL JOC x FBI): DEMION was born in the herd of GAEC de la Rivière (85). With 163 points of ISU, DEMION directly enters the top 15 of French confirmed bulls and is the # 2 son of STOL JOC. DEMION is very interesting for his dairy potential (1,422 kg), his morphological features, especially for bringing both size and depth but also width and great rumps. Only fertility and calving ease need to be watched for the matings.

Premium Range (genomic bulls)

Here are the hottest releases:

  • HARITY (BEACON x GOLDWYN) is certainly one of the most modern profiles of the moment. He was born in the herd of GAEC de la Fromière (55), partner of Genes Diffusion. With 174 points of ISU, he combines the health traits of a very high level: Fertility (+1.7), Udder Health (+1.8), Productive Life (+2.2). With a great production potential (851 kg of milk), he is complete in Type (+2.4) and very improver in Feet & Legs (+1.9) and usable on heifers.
  • HAEROMAN (FAMOUS MAN x MILLION) was born in the farm of M. DEFOUR Denis (42), a GD+ Chart breeder. Born from an embryo imported from Canada, the dam of HAEROMAN is a full sister of ESKAMAN, from the famous Miss Mark Maui EX 95 family. HAEROMAN is currently the French # 1 son of FAMOUS MAN on the market with 182 points of ISU. Like his sire, his strengths are protein, health traits and complete type.
  • HARO CAPJ (HILL LOTTA x MAN-O-MAN) was born in the farm of GAEC Cabon (29), a Genes Diffusion partner. # 1 son of HILL with 182 points of ISU, he transmits a good milk level (917 kg), very good udders (+2.4) and excellent fertility (+1.4).

RED Holstein Range

With 8 Red Holstein bulls or red factors many of which are also carriers of the Polled gene, the Red Holstein range is consistent. The gold prize goes to HETOX RED (DETOX x BAXTER) from an embryo imported from Canada belonging to Gen-I-Becq group. HETOX RED is currently the French # 1 Red Holstein bull with 162 points of ISU and the only son of DETOX.

  • His assets: pedigree and of course his maternal family dating back to the renowned Durham Altitude. HETOX RED is also a half-brother of several bulls like AIKMAN, PERF AIKO, FRAIKO, GAIKO
  • Other strong points: Type (+2.7), Feet & Legs (+1.9), Udder (+2.2)
  • Health traits: Udder Health (+1.8), Fertility (+0.9), Longevity (+2.6)

Polled Range (bulls without horns)

This year the Polled range is composed of 6 bulls:

  • HAB RF P (COLT P RED x OTTO): born in the herd of the GD partner breeder GAEC de la Pommière (42), he comes out of the famous Naurine family. HAB RF P belongs to the polled bulls with the highest ISU (169 points) available and having tremendous qualities for health traits (+1.5 Fertility, Somatic Cells + 2.2, Clinical Mastitis +1.5) and a very good calving ease.
  • HOL POM P(FISON PP x VAUCLUSE): born in the herd of GAEC de la Pommière as well, he comes from another family of cows with high reputation dating back to the famous Benarlinda EX 93. HOL POM P is the # 1 son of FISON PP with 166 points of ISU and has a complete profile.


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