Charolais breed: Genes Diffusion launches new genomic services

The Genes Diffusion group and cooperatives involved in its governance* presented their new genomic services for Charolais breeders at the Livestock Summit in Cournon on October 3, 2014.

Result of five years of work conducted within GD SCAN genomic platform, the genetic offer of Genes Diffusion has recently changed with the first range of purebred genomic Charolais bulls. Thanks to the integration of the range entitled "Premium" in the 2014/2015 Catalogue, the Charolais breeders have access to modern genetics.

At the same time, the GD SCAN platform offers farmers a new service of genomic assessment of their livestock animals, giving them the opportunity to provide a finer line reproduction and mating within their herd.

This service is available in Charolais breed for both male and female. It concerns 10 breeding values for morphology, behavior and production and other specific criteria such as double-muscled gene, polled gene and parentage.

*Ain génétique Service, Apis Diffusion, Coopel, CECNA, CIA Gènes Diffusion, Coop.él.IA-Pierry, Elva Novia