GD SCAN Charolais: 1st results in the field

While the group Genes Diffusion and its cooperatives presented their new genomic services for Charolais breeders during the Sommet de l’Elevage (Cournon) show on October 3, the results of the 1st genomic evaluations have been handed over to the farmers applicants for GD SCAN Charolais analysis for the males as well as for the females.

President of the Charolais Section of the Genes Diffusion Union, Patrick DESBROSSES has thus given a GD SCAN Charolais index card:

  • To Lionel LESPINASSE (42) who carried out an analysis request for his natural service bull HISTORIEN
  • To 4 breeders who displayed the females having been the subject of a Charolais GD SCAN at the show: EARL TROTTET (42), SCEA des THEVENOTS (71), Pierre-Olivier RAJOT (42), LEPA agricultural secondary school Cherve (42).

Specifically, this new service offers breeders the opportunity to provide a finer line reproduction and mating within their herd. Using a table and a radar chart, the GD SCAN Charolais index sheet details evaluation of candidates in 10 breeding values:

  • 4 breeding values for the Morphology (Longevity for the udder, Functionality of the teats, Strength of the back legs, Locomotion)
  • 2 breeding values for Behavior (Behavior or docility, Maternal Instinct)
  • 4 breeding values for Production (Ability of the calf to born easily, Growth potential, Ability to calve easily, Milk ability of the female).

Further specific criteria (double-muscled gene, polled gene, parentage) are also available.