FRIST PJP among lead players for the next World Dairy Expo

The famous American site The Bullvine published an article establishing a ranking of 10 bulls, one of them will sire the next great champion of Madison. FRIST PJP, a Genes Diffusion bull - figures among them and occupies the right honourable 6th place.

Of course, the first bull of this ranking could only be American, in this case it is Atwood, the No # 1 in type of the progeny proven bulls in the United States and who is none other than the sire of ...FRIST PJP, 6th of the Bullvine ranking and the only European representative in this new hierarchy. He certainly remains the best or one of the best sons of Atwood in the world. FRIST PJP is a bull from excellent maternal family that had already given several champions of shows. With such a paper, it is not surprising to see him quoted by American specialists among the best bulls in the world likely to see one of his daughters win the World Dairy Expo.

See below a part of the article written by Andrew Hunt available on The Bullvine with the original text.

« The top 10 holstein sires of 2014 that will sire the next world dairy expo grand champion »

« Since 2008 Goldwyn has dominated the show scene in North America. The great RF Goldwyn Hailey Ex 97 was named Grand Champion of the 2014 Holstein Show. Goldwyn daughters like Butz-Butler Gold Barbara (1st place 4 year old), Brookvilla Goldwyn Brooks (2nd Place Sr 3 year old) and this year’s Junior Champion Comestar Larion Goldwyn all looked great at the show. Goldwyn’s dominance may not end soon. But since his semen is in short supply, it is only a matter of time before a new sire takes up the #1 position. The following at the 10 most likely sires, after Goldwyn of course, to sire the next World Dairy Expo Grand Champion.»

  1. Atwood
  2. Brokaw
  3. Golddust
  4. Archrival
  5. Baird
  7. Attic
  8. Byway
  9. Jacoby
  10. Fever


«For those of you that are looking to take a flyer on an extreme sire and can get your hands on the semen, Pjp First is a sire worth looking at. This French sire is extreme in all the right places for show ring success. He is +4.36 for stature, +4.07 UDC with a +5.90 for rear udder height and +5.43 for rear udder width. The one area he will certainly need to be protected on is his extreme high pins. While I know many in the show ring would prefer to not use an unknown cow family Pjp First’s numbers are out of this world and are perfectly suited for show ring success so he at least deserves a closer look.»

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