Charolais Optimal in Hungary

At the request of the Hungarian Charolais Association, Genes Diffusion sent one of his advisers for 3 days to program the matings with their best bulls. This Association gathers about 7000 Full French or Pure Bred Charolais cows. Many farms have areas ranging from 2 000 to 5 000 ha, where the rental of national parks is still widespread. The load is low (1 cow / 5 ha).

The herd of Sandor PAPP totalizes 487 excellent cows with frame, weight and maternal traits.

This herd is located northeast of Hungary with excellent cows that can stand comparison with our best herds. This consists mostly from the Genes Diffusion genetics (ICARE, JUMPER, SUEDOIS, PINAY and today also ARTOIS, CARNOT SC, DALHIA SC, ENRICO SC….). The demand for polled is increasingly strong.

In this farm, the matings were made with the new sires as BALTRAP, BOUZUL, BOMBIX, CALOGERO, EXOTIC SC and CARNOT SC...

M. PAPP aims to maximize the weight, frame and maternal qualities, using mainly the Charolais Optimal genetics.

Marton BUJDOSO was for a long time president of the Charolais Association. His farm has 5,500 hectares in several regions including 1 500 hectares owned and the rest for rent (national parks). The seat is located 40 km south of Budapest. Charolais herd consists of 638 cows. His expectation is completely different with cows weighing on average 700 kg without much exceed this weight, and have a limited frame. He had no cesarean for 8 years. Marton BUJDOSO searches polled bulls, if possible homozygous. Most cows were gathered in groups of 200 to 300 in the national parks. He uses mixed bulls (CALOGERO, BASTION, DALHIA SC, SC ENRICO, EXOTIC SC ...) avoiding "farming" bulls. Milk production is not his main concern but he pays a special attention to the conditions of calving.