Death of ROUMARE

Born on November 1, 2000 at the EARL Lecorvaisier (22), Holstein bull ROUMARE, one of the great ambassadors of French genetics and the best son of JOCKO Besn in the world, died in November at the age of 14 years old.

ROUMARE came out French # 1, following his testing. Subsequently, with the arrival of second generation of daughters, he regained the lead of the best French bulls in the super proven category with over 1,000 daughters and over 95 % of reliability. Even today he reaches as much as 163 points of ISU with almost 20,000 daughters in his index.

Known for his morphological qualities and protein intake, ROUMARE is an international sire of sons with many sons in service and indexed favorably worldwide as including Australia where his son CANBEE won first place.

ROUMARE has marked his generation by the quality of his progeny, both females and males.


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