Influence of ROUMARE in the world

In the last issue of Holstein International (December 2014) ROUMARE is honored in two articles: one concerns one of the major farms of the United States and the other one writes about Canbee- one of his Australians sons.

Despite the death of the bull just a short time ago, ROUMARE visibly continues to be talked about in the world. One of the two articles, where the Genes Diffusion bull is mentioned, concerns the American Livestock Ever-Green-View in Waldo, Wisconsin. Major Breeding, if any exists; Holstein International specifies that this is one of the herds that has "produced animals whose impact is global." The article focuses especially on two half-sisters, by ROUMARE, from the bull Snowman.

The second section is devoted entirely to Canbee, a son of ROUMARE, deemed the "Singular Bull of the Year" in Australia. The article mentions that over the indexing, the son of ROUMARE "is becoming increasingly popular in Australia." Holstein International also states that ROUMARE has "very good index in fat and protein, combined with attractive index in somatic cells, milking speed, temperament and longevity.".


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