HAMEL: a new inescapable genomic bull

2014 was a landmark year for Charolais selection with the release of the first genomic predictors GD SCAN and the availability of a new range of bulls: PREMIUM range. Initially composed of 5 young bulls evaluated in genomics and each responding to specific features, this innovative range has been enhanced with a new bull usable on heifers: HAMEL.

Very productive maternal line

Born in Calvados (14) at the GAEC MAGUET –JAMES farm, this son of URFE comes from a perfect maternal line new for maternal qualities. His dam FANFARE, a daughter of SYLVANER, gathers all the qualities of a modern Charolais female: calving et 25 months, birth ease, growth potential, ability to calve easily and milking ability. HAMEL had indeed 41 kg at birth and had a weight of 393 kg at 210 days. His grandam, a daughter of HARRISON x CIEL is the example of the new index Career efficiency (EFCAR) which translates Fertility-Longevity. Still in production in the herd, she will wean her ninth calf within 9 calvings with a calving interval 367 days!

An outstanding bull

Bought in the summer 2013 by the Genes Diffusion, he was already among the favorites at the entrance to the Individual Control Station. Preserved in the bulls for heifers segment at the end of the ICS evaluation last year, HAMEL continued to be appreciated for his morphology and harmony by many breeders present at the presentation of the bulls.

His genomic predictors GD SCAN confirmed the reason of using this son of URFE x SYLVANER from this campaign on all types of heifers (Ease of birth / Nai g = 8) for strengthen the growth (CR g = 6) and milk potential (Lai g = 7).

This mixed bull is particularly suitable for use on daughters of ARTOIS, BASTION, VOIMO, ENRICO SC, TOULON and UNMARQUIS.

Use of genomic bulls of the PREMIUM ranges, means to benefit from the latest and most innovative pedigrees.

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