CHAROLAIS: IBOVAL National Evaluation - February 2015

Leadership of Genes Diffusion bulls

The main IBOVAL national evaluation delivered its verdict at the beginning of this year and, not surprisingly, the Genes Diffusion Charolais bulls retain the places of honor for 15 out of the 16 most influencing characters for farmer’s income evaluated by IBOVAL.

FIRST, 1st for the production at weaning

1 of the Individual Control Station in 2012, FIRST (Sylvaner/Pinay) retains his leading position for profitability at weaning with ISEVR (Total merit Index for direct effect at weaning) of 132 points. Very appreciated by farmers thanks to the weaning of his first calves, this bull, usable on heifers, was distributed in 2014 only in male sexed semen. He will soon be available in sexed female semen equally.

In the national ranking, first places are occupied by other bulls available in sexed male semen, such as BASTION (131), FLASH (126) and FALCON (123).

Confirmation for Maternal Values

Among the bulls ensuring a royal renewal (growth, morphology and maternal qualities) we can always find few leading sires such asARTOIS, ATHOS, CALOGERO, BALTRAP, BOMBIX, VIVIERS, POPULAIR, VIGNY, VITTOZ, UNMARQUIS ou TOULON.

Bulls like URFE and BANCO can also enter this "short list" due to the significant increase in number of calvings of their daughters. This confirms the excellence of the female offspring of these two bulls offering new strains on both the adult morphology and on the production potential (fertility, calving and milk).

Polled bulls on TOP

The use of bulls without horns – Polled is growing over the reproduction campaigns with nearly 20% of AI made with bulls-carriers of the gene of interest. While VIRGIL SC remains the most used bull with over 62,000 inseminated females, other bulls in this range are gaining popularity due to their level of indexation.

With a carcass gain of € 120 / young weanling and its associated index of 140 in IABjbf (Total merit Index for beef ability), VIZIR SC remains the French leader for the fattening. DAUFIN SC (Unico SC/Habit), a breeding type of bull roundup the first place for calving ability of his daughters with a record index 136 in Avel (Calving ability of the female). The sons ofUNO SC distinguish themselves: the muscle development with 116 in DMsev for EXOTIC SC or the maternal genetics influence for CABAR SC with 105 in ALait (Maternal genetics effect on weaning weight). Finally ENRICO SC seduces more and more farmers through his calving ease (IFNAIS – easy birth of 109), beef ability (IABjbf – Total merit index for beef ability - 109), his morphological balance, ability to calve easily (Avel 127) and his genomic predictor for Milk (g Lai 8).

Confirmation of the ISEVR (Total merit index for direct effect at weaning) for the first PREMIUM bulls

Aired since last fall, the Premium range includes the 6 most interesting genomic bulls of their generation for specifics which they satisfy: easy suckling, weanlings, strength, renewal, docility and birth ease.

FLABAS (Téjoyeux/Habit) and FEDERAL (Tinor / Rethel) confirm their level of indexation at weaning. Their IFNAIS (Easy birth – ability of the calf to born easily) index 107 and 111, provide a reassuring use on heifers. Indexed to 108 in DSsev (Skeletal development), FLABAS is suitable to improve skeletal volume and overall suckling criteria (the Udder Longevity LoM g 7, the Functionality of the Teats FoT g 6 and milk potential Lai 8). FEDERAL, with mixed morphological type, benefits from favorable genomic predictors for vis-à-vis human – Behavior or Docility (Comp g 6) and the Maternal Instinct (IM g 6).

The other 4 bulls in the PREMIUM range (HULK, HONORABLE, HISPANIC and HAMEL), HONORABLE, HISPANIC and HAMEL), published on the basis will be indexed in IBOVAL when indexing through September 2016. This range of innovative bulls records favorably the appreciation of the users grateful and confident in the quality and thoroughness of Genes Diffusion Charolais selection scheme.

Exceptional Selection for 2015

Indexing of the On-Farm Testing Series 45 on all production traits suggests, after phenotypic expertise, a great vintage for fall 2015. The average level of 20 evaluated Genes Diffusion bulls is, in fact, notable for maternal qualities (110 in AVel – ability to calve easily, 106 in ALait – maternal effect on weaning weight and 112 in IVMAT- total merit index for direct and maternal effect at weaning).