Genes Diffusion takes over the activity of ReproQuest and creates GenePro.

As of March 31, 2015, the Genes Diffusion Group has formalized the establishing of activity in American society ReproQuest, a veterinary biotech company specializing in the development, manufacturing and sales of artificial insemination products for swine.


ReproQuest is one of the leading North American suppliers of swine consumables and plays an essential role in animal insemination sector, providing swine producers of high-technology products at competitive prices. With a turnover of $ 2.5 million, ReproQuest represents 20% of the US market on its business and the products marketed by the company sector allowed insemination of 1.5 million of sows.

The new company, named GenePro, becomes the second subsidiary of Genes Diffusion in the United States. Its equipment distribution business activity for insemination and breeding reinforces the swine sector activity of the group Genes Diffusion in the North American territory, initially based on the exploitation of semen production centers and consulting in pig AI.

In France, where Genes Diffusion represents nearly 50% of the semen market, GenePro will allow the Genes Diffusion Group to secure its supply and its cost, and within a context of persistent pressure on prices.

For Claude Grenier, Research and Development Director of Genes Diffusion, "this collaboration opens up new international perspectives for Genes Diffusion Group and its partners. In addition, GenePro is the ideal platform to launch new products in the swine insemination sector ".

GENEPRO officially started its business activity on 1 April 2015.