Holstein Index April 2015

Upheavals in indexing, for reliability and international harmonization.

The indexing of April 2015 is a special output for more than one reason. As usual, this first release is the major of the year because it allows the selection of new bulls for the next insemination campaign. This output of April includes several key events:

  • the change in genomic evaluation method :
    • increase of the numbers of QTL per trait (the average, going from 500 to 3000)
    • consideration of the genomic relationship for an increase of the reliability resulting in higher CDs, this allows to approach foreign models that use a genomic ancestry in calculating their index.
  • The increase of the size of the reference population to reach 30 000 bulls, making the largest population in the world.
  • Integrate the change of base (less 4.5 points of ISU).
  • the integration of the individual performances of genotyped females in their index.

Unlike the previous model, the genomic index of a female will be amended during its lactations. This method called "blending" includes the performances (production and scrutiny) to be closer to the real qualities of the animal. These variations also contribute to changes in the index of genotyped females.

These changes in the genomic calculation, resulting in more or less important male and female index variations, that disadvantage the breeders and selection companies, now allow more accuracy and reliability.

We could not expect to get more details and a better correlation with foreign assessments, without accepting some changes in the rankings.

From our side, we find this output of April more coherent and especially better correlated with other indexing systems internationally. Genes Diffusion is satisfied to have always kept the same strategy in its breeding objectives. To know:

  • the balance between production type and fitness traits, in order to create profitable and sustainable animals.
  • to have maintained international opening for genetic sourcing.
  • to prioritize the best pedigrees and best cow families, not only to be blinded by the numbers.
  • to have developed strong partnerships with breeders sharing the same philosophy.

The following statistics illustrate the excellent performance of the Genes Diffusion program, following the latest French Genomics ranking:

  • Top 10 French ISU : 42% for Genes Diffusion (5 bulls out of 12) including IPNOS, n°3 ISU, n°2 INEL and n°3 for the French Milk index, available soon in sexed semen.
  • 35 French bulls over 190 points of ISU : 43% for Genes Diffusion
  • 43% for Genes Diffusion : 39% for Genes Diffusion
  • Top 10 Type : 80% for Genes Diffusion including the 5 best ones with FRIST PJP as the first of them (+4,6)
  • 7 French bulls over or equal to 3.5 in Udders : 100% for Genes Diffusion
  • 10 French bulls over +2 in Feet and Legs : 7 for Genes Diffusion including the 4 best French bulls
  • 39 French bulls over 2.5 in Udders : 16 for Genes Diffusion with, as the French leader, JULLIUS (DOORMAN x NIAGRA), French n°1 at 4.2
  • 51 French bulls over +2 in Fertility : 26 for Genes Diffusion with, as the French leader, ASTOR (LATIMER x DORCY), +3.1 in Fertility

About new bulls :

IPNOS, in 3rd position of the ranking

At the 3rd position of the ranking with ISU 205, IPNOS comes from a purchase in Germany. Son of SHOTGLASS x SCALONI (son of Shottle) x BILLION, he confirms his indexes and progresses despite the change of base.
It appears as one of the most dairy French bulls with a Milk index of +2040 without damaging the protein and extremely healthy improver. His daughters have very functional Type with teats suitable for robot milking.
They also have very good feet and legs with hoof health above the average.
IPNOS is a bull perfectly suitable for the industrial dairy farming. He started as a Sire of Sons in our scheme and will soon be available in our sexed range.

IBERIK EBA, top level and ease of use

Born in the farming partner of GAEC Brilland (72), IBERIK EBA is an attractive bull because of his pedigree that brings originality and makes his use very easy.
He is the n° 1 son of ALTAOAK (Niagra x Leif) x TB 86 BEACON x TB 87 TOYSTORY. Coming from a family having released many bulls as GUEPAR EBA, FACECY EBA and more recent bulls as ILL EBA, IVON EBA.
He is one of the most attractive bulls of this new French output for his ISU (197) and perfect balance between the production (milk: +842 ; Protein: 5 %), health traits (Udder Health: +2.5, Fertility +1.6, Calving Ease: 90) and PTAT (Type: +2.7; Overall Udder: +2.5; F&L: +1.1) with an ideal rump angle. Just like his family, IBERIK EBA is remarkable in France but also in the North American system with a GTPI close to 2400.

JOEY with a full profile

Born in the breeding of GAEC Dairy Genes (37), a Genes Diffusion partner, he is the son of Galaxy x DG Lauthority Gamiss x DG Bolton Miss, dating back to the Benner Outside Joyce family in Canada. This high level bull puts forward a full profile with 196 points of ISU, +723 kg of milk. It is neutral in percentage of fat, very improver in health characters (Udder Health: +1.7, Fertility: +1.5). Only the ease of calving will have to be protected. He also has a very good level of overall Type (+3).

The best French sons of MCCUTCHEN

One of the highlights of the international indexing is the confirmation of the US bulls Sire MCCUCTCHEN who was widely used in our program in recent years. We have a nice sample of 7 sons with +180 points of ISU including:


    Born in breeding Beurel (22), a partner of Genes Diffusion, JEIRAKI is currently the French n° 1 of MCCUTCHEN sons with 198 points ISU, but also above 2500 points GTPI.
    His mother Hermes is a daughter of IOTA TB 87 x B + 84 MICKEY x 86 JEFFERSON and from a full sister of the bull VAUCLUSE.
    No doubt that JEIRAKI generates a lot of interest due to his extremely full profile: he is dairy with +988 kg in Milk, very improver in rates (Protein: +29 %; Fat: +6), top in health (Udder Health: +1.4, Fertility: +1), with a flawless type (+3.3), of overall udders (+2.5), of body capacity (+1.8), of feet and legs (+1.7) and a ideal Rump angle, all with easy calving (91).
    JEIRAKI is currently booked for use in our breeding program.

  • JAY

    He was born in the farming partner GAEC Toullec (29), son of MCCUTCHEN x DEMPSEY TB 87 x PLANET TB 87 x BOLTON TB 87 x SHOTTLE AUDREY TB 88, from the famous family Menthe.
    This bull will soon be used and booked in the breeding scheme and should generate a lot of interest in relation to his attractive indexes, especially for his ISU (195), the amount of protein, thanks to his Milk index (+1023), his Protein (+18%), but also for its excellent health traits (Fertility: +1.6, Udder Health: +1.7), and his Type (+3.3).


    IZAIS was born by an American embryo as part of our genetic Convention. He is a son of MCCUTCHEN x IOTA x PLANET from Sandy-Valley farm.
    It displays a full profile: 192 points of ISU, 1318 kg of milk. It is also neutral in rates, improver in health, including in Fertility (+2) and in Type (+3.1). He is a Sire of Sons for our scheme.


    Born in the farming partner GAEC Rosaies (56), this son of MCCUTCHEN x WINDBROOK x MASSEY has a modern pedigree, combined with a high performance, including ISU (+192), Protein (+28%), in Udder Health (+1.7) and in type (+3.8).


    Born in GAEC the Bruyerette (42), this son of MCCUTCHEN x SNOWMAN x GOLDWYN is part of the famous family Ralma Juror Faith.
    It displays an ISU of +191, a well-balanced milk production (+712), a percentage of protein of + 8%. He is improver in health, but above all, he is one of the leaders for the type at +4.5, +3.4 in Overall udder, +2.3 in Body Capacity, +2.4 in F & L.

The sons of DOORMAN :


    Born in the farming partner EARL de Kergond'hui (29) JULLIUS is a son of DOORMAN x NIAGRA x TOYSTORY back to Miss Tradition Lolli family.
    With 194 points of ISU, it is very improver in rates, close to neutrality for milk, excellent in health traits, especially udder health, where he appears as the leader of the breed with +4.2. He also has a very good Type ratio (+2.8).


    Born in the partner breeding GAEC de la Roche (52), the son of DOORMAN x IOTA x BOLTON comes from the family Shief Mark Cenide EX 93 from the breeder Ghestem (59). It highlights 190 points of ISU, 885 kg of milk. It is very improver in health, including fertility (+2.2), and has a good Type (+2.8).

About the catalog:

As the leader for the « Premium » category:

IMOLA, revelation of this new issue

Born in the farm GAEC des Délices (42) IMOLA is the son of MOGUL x Favi Deige Gindy TB86 x Favi Baxter CINDY EX 92 x (September Storm x Bos Iron x Mtoto x Bellwood x Blackstar x Delhia EX95). IMOLA comes from the famous Dehlia family, from his branch worked in Italy in the breeding farm Fantasy, having released for example the bull BRITT and then worked in the breeding farm Vial (42).
IMOLA is one of the major beneficiaries of the new genomic evaluation change, earning 20 index points and displaying today an outstanding profile with 196 points of ISU, an average dairy profile (milk: +447), very improver in rates (Protein: +22 %, Fat: +51%), also very enhancer for health traits (Udder Health: +1.9; Fertility: +1.0; NAI: 92). He is one of the Type specialists in the French ranking with a score of +4.2, +3.5 in overall udder, +2.4 for body Capacity, +1.6 for Feet and legs.
We are satisfied that the IMOLA French index is now correlated with his North American values ​​with a higher TPI at 2400. It is also very enhancer in rates and picks a score in Type of +3.31.

DEAVER, the modernity

Born in the USA in the farm of Kings-Ransom, son of Jacey x Observer x Goldwyn, DEAVER is the perfect example of the international sourcing, allowing a commercial offer of Jacey’s son, 6 months before those born in France. 182 points of ISU and a very full profile:
- Balanced production, Milk +717, and positive in rates.
- Good Type level Mo +2.8 /Overall Udder +2.6 / F&L +1.4
- Very enhancer in health SCS +2.2 / CM +1.0 / Fertility +1.0
- Usable on heifers

As the leader for the «

CYPRIPEDE, the superstar

Son of BOLTON x SHOTTLE, he was born in the EARL Nicolo (56). With almost 6,000 girls in his index, CYPRIPEDE is now on the great ambassador of French genetics and certainly one of the most complete: improver for milk, but especially with great richness for the rates (% protein +17).
It is also popular for improving health traits with Udder Health: +0.9 and Fertility: +1.2.
His daughters have a very good longevity thanks to their Type, including an excellent strength of their small volume udder system with good attachments and ideal teat placement, but also because they have feet and legs close of perfection.
Cypripede is a bull recommended for all breeding systems, including farms with robot milking.

On the “Red Holstein” side

If HETOX Red (DETOX x BAXTER) remains one of the most popular red bulls with his full profile (ISU 152 / Type +2.5 / F&L +1.8 / Udder Health +1.5 / Fertility +1.1), we can note the arrival of a new red bull in the catalog with an excellent level: IDEL red.


Son of GESNOW RF (Snowman x Classic) x DESTRY x September STORM, he was born in GAEC du Pradou (63).
IDEL Red shows high performance with an ISU 168, very enhancer in rates, particularly in proteins (% Protein: +26), neutral in fertility but very improver in Udder Health (SCS +1.4 and CM +0.9), with a very good morphological potential (Type +2.6, Overall Udder +2.3)

On the « Polled » side

The leader of this year catalog will undoubtedly be EPIPHANY Red P


This red bull is heterozygous polled and born in the breeding farm April Day Holstein in the USA. It will be popular in more than one way:
- For his genetic level ISU +172
- For his original pedigree: CHIPPER P (Colt P Red) x SOTO (Jet Stream) x LAWN BOY x ADVENT
- For his production potential, Milk +1469, and proteins neutral
- For his functional Type and very good rear udder
- Improver for all health traits.


Born in Canada, SHOWCASE is interesting for several reasons:
- Homozygous polled
- Red Factor carrier
- Excellent family, his mother is none other than a full sister of the bull COLT 45, and her grandmother's famous Regancrest Shassity, mother of the bull GOLD SHIP.


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