EBP : Franco-Polish Genetic Consortium

On May 20, 2015, the GENES DIFFUSION group and SHIUZ Bydgoszcz group signed a Consortium agreement, confirming the creation of a European program for bovine genetics in Holstein breed.

This event is the result of a growing cooperation that started 18 years ago, which established between the two parties mutual trust as a precondition for the signing of such a contract.

The two parties are sharing the use of their genetic resources, giving a reciprocal right of access to all Holstein bulls of the consortium.

This program, known as EBP, is intended to supply the semen requirements needed for insemination of 1 million Holstein females, both in Poland and France. It also will strengthen the supply of Genes Diffusion Group internationally.

The pure breed Holstein bulls will be housed in the facilities of the two partners, both for safety reasons, and the proximity with respect to their members and clients. After so many years of established cooperation, technical and sanitary protocols are already well implemented, making semen exchanges already possible.

Other aspects of cooperation are already under study in the field of swine insemination, bovine genomics and IT management, serving all breeders.

To celebrate this event, a large delegation of officials of the cooperatives involved in the governance of the group GENES DIFFUSION on one hand, and SHIUZ Bydgoszcz on the other hand, were participating on 20 May 2015 in Ryn, in the Great Lakes region (Mazurie) in Poland for the signature of this contract that will mark the history of European genetics.


  • 600 000 inseminated Holstein females / 150 000 inseminated Charolais females
  • 3,8 million of swine semen doses marketed worldwide
  • 2 200 inseminated mares
  • 2 000 embryos collected and over 10 000 embryos transferred

The SHIUZ Bydgoszcz, it is :

  • 400 000 inseminated Holstein females
  • 30 % of the Polish genetic supply within the Holstein breed in the 2013-2015 seasons
  • 600 000 swine semen doses marketed annually
  • 330 employees (inseminators excluded)

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