The Norman breed: a genetic day in the North of France – Picardie

On 30 October 2015, a genetic day was organized to enable to discover or rediscover for some fifty breeders of the Somme and the Seine-Maritime regions the strengths of the Norman breed and Norman Scheme of Genes Diffusion. This genetic day took place in one of the first farms involved in the Genes Diffusion Charter program.

It is the “GAEC du Pré Normand” farm (the livestock Grocol) in Rambures, North of France that performs 5 - 8 embryo transfers per year. “By organizing a meeting in the Nord-Picardie region, we want to mobilize all breeders of Norman dairy cattle within this territory in a global project run around the breed as part of the union of cooperatives of Genes Diffusion”, explains Jérôme BOCQUET, head of the Genes Diffusion Norman Program.

A total of 24 females from the Grocol livestock were presented during this day. Among them:

  • Jaguar (Galbraith/Primate), maternal brood out of the bull DRIVER
  • Frontière (Uvray/Manizalès), dam of bull JASMIN with 166 points of ISU that belongs to the first eight bulls of the Genes Diffusion Norman catalog
  • Iberis (Falbert/Saintyorre), a primiparous with 176 points of ISU that has just been acquired.

The “GAEC du Pré Normand” farm in figures

Utilised Agricultural Land: 200 hectares

Dairy herd of 90 dairy cows:

  • 600 000 liters of milk to produce
  • In the campaign from 01/04/2014 till 31/03/2015 :
    • 8 040 kg of standard milk with 4,08 % of fat and 3,46 % of protein
    • peak of cow lactation : 35,6 kg
    • peak of heiffer lactation : 27,5 kg
    • 202 000 cells/ml
  • Nutrition Cost
    • April – September : 107 euros/1000 liters
    • October – March : 120 euros/1000 liters
  • Capital gain of EUR 20 000 on the annual milk production through valorization of useful material and quality
  • Carcass weight: 380 kg with a price of 3.42 euros