Genetics of GENES DIFFUSION on top in Romania

During 28 of October – 1st of November 2015, in Bucharest, took place the XX edition of the International Fair of products and equipments for agriculture, horticulture, vineyards and livestock INDAGRA.

A lot of visitors during the XX edition of INDAGRAAgroindustriala Pantelimon presented at the pavilion for bovines, heifers category, two daughters of bulls owned by Genes Diffusions. 5143, daughter of DANILLO and 5123, daughter of VAUCLUSE. The two heifers were awarded and presented during the show.

The two heifers are remarkable by the origin as well as by type. They were entitled the “zootechnic beauty” due to the correct type and their merge, corporal harmony. They have good type and superior line, deep udder and well developed. Although they are in the last month of pregnancy, the udder is well formed, front and rear extended, with good cleft. Feet and legs are cleaned, correct with good locomotion.

Agroindustriala Pantelimon is situated near Bucharest and has a total efective of 645 heads of bovines from which 310 are cows. The genetic material owned by this company has a very high value being a well known farm from Romania with a 35 years activity. The medium production of milk is of 9200 kg on standard lactation (305 days). It has provided a great number of young bulls for artificial inseminations.

Agroindustriala Pantelimon is owned and has been lead for over 30 years by Dr Mihai Petcu, veterinary and one of the most known specialists in the field of breeding and amelioration tehnology of bovines from Romania and at the same time he is a passionate farmer. Semliv Genetic International ensured the monitoring of the progeny in the farm and also the distribution of the semen from Genes Diffusion.


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