April Proof in Normand Breed

In focus for this new campaign

  • Most of the genomic bulls marketed this winter confirm their genetic value
  • This proof is the base for our catalogue 2016-17 and will be enriched by the output of August
  • Finally, this index includes the changing of mobile base which symbolizes the genetic progress concerning the breed.


  • JASERANJASERAN (Banania x Bourdon) 165 ISU :

Coming from a dairy genetic and out of a highly complementary assembly (Banania x Bourdon), JASERAN keeps big attractiveness thanks to his linear balanced type (+1) and his outstanding functional index (Udder Health +1,3 and FERTILITY +1,1) without the lack of degraded milking speed assigned to most of the available sons of Banania.

Born in the herd of Alain Quenault in Etienville (50), we find a significant family of cows inside of the herd, being present in more than 70% of the herd, that explains excellent longevity index of JASERAN with +1,6. With 7 in Size, 6 in Muscularity, 6 for Udders and 6 in Feet&Legs and 85 pts CC4, Fée - the dam of JASERAN produced, in her third lactation (292 days), 8 682 kg of milk with 3, 88 % Fat and 3, 35 % of Protein.

  • JEYSERJEYSER (Geyser isy x Beaufix) 150 ISU :

Born in the EARL of Bourtourault in Mellé (35), JEYSER comes from the brood Pandie, that gave births to the bulls VIVECO or HINNOY. Well balanced bull in Production (+759 in Milk index and neutral in %Protein), we find the mark of the dam family with the strength of Feet and Legs (+0,5) and Udder (+1,2). This family is also characterized by long careers, for example Couronne (Rubafix) the dam of Hinnoy is still in production (L6). JEYSER transmits excellent Health Traits with +0,8 in Udder Health, +1,1 in Production Life and +0,6 in Fertility. Héroïne, the dam of JEYSER is currently in her second lactation, she produced 5 137 kg of milk, with 3, 73 % in Fat and 3,5 % in Protein in 173 days (an average of 29,7kg of milk per day). Her score is 6 in Size, 4 in Muscularity, 6 in Udders, 5 in Feet & Legs and 79 points for CC3.

  • JULIAN (Grenad x Tonactil) 143 ISU :

Born in the EARL Gohin in St Georges de Reintembault (35), partner breeder of the Gènes Diffusion Charte, JULIAN keeps his strong dairy profile (+802 kg) with big udder qualities (+0,9) and significant functional traits: +0,7 Cells, +1,1 Longevity, +1,4 Fertility Cow and 92 Easy Calving. Original bull (Grenad x Tonactil), JULIAN has the special feature to take origin of a dam family with +85 points on 5 generations. Echelle, the dam of JULIAN produced 9 960 kg with 3, 92 % Fat and 3,19 % Protein in the third lactation with 7 Size, 6 Muscularity, 7 Udder, 7 Feet & Legs and 87 points CC4.

  • ISTART GD (Boursin x Voupigny) 142 ISU :

ISTART GDISTART keeps well his index and remains the best marketed son of Boursin. Coming from famous families Rosette and Djakarta, he keeps an attractive dairy profile (+707 kg +0, 3 %Protein +2, 2 %Fat), associated with udders not too big (+2, 1) and healthy udders (+0, 9 UDDER HEALTH). Hongrie produced in her first lactation (287 days): 7218 kg with 4,44 % Fat and 3,29 % Protein and her score: 9 Size, 3 Muscularity, 7 Udder, 4 Feet & Legs and 84 points CC3.


  • LANDAIS (Hégrenne x Banzai) 165 ISU :

LANDAISBorn in the EARL of Bourtourault in Mellé (35), he is the attractive leader of this proof with 165 points of ISU. Coming from the very surprising Hégrenne (Unnoël x Saintvorre) and mainly the grandson of the very good Doudou (Raisinnoir), scored 90 points in the breeding Savary (50), we find his excellent type qualities by producing the strong animals, muscled with a great robustness (Udder +1,4 and Feet & Legs +0,8). Balanced in production, LANDAIS is part of the Top bulls for Health (+1,3 Udder Health and +0,4 Fertility Composite). Gracieuse, the dam of LANDAIS produced in her second lactation 7 199 kg with 4,55 %Fat and 3,48 %Protein. Here is her score: 7 Size 6 Muscularity 7 Udder 3 Feet & Legs 82 points CC3.

He will be soon available in sexed semen.

  • JASMIN (Himpala x Uvray) 159 ISU :

JASMINThis is the « Type » ambassador of our Breeding Society with a +1,6 in Type. He is born in the GAEC of Pré Normand in Rambures (80), breeders of the Gènes Diffusion Charte. JASMIN improves both body capacity (+1 Size) and robustness (+0,9 Plumbs and +1,4 Udder). Champion for birth (NAI 93), this is a sire with a highly dairy profile (+878 kg), rich in fat (%Fat +1,3) with an index Udder Health on the top (+0,9). Frontière, the dam of JASMIN peaks in third lactation with 10 080 kg 4,2 %Fat 3,28 %Protein and a score of 8 Size 6 Muscularity 8 Udder 7 Feet & Legs 90 pts CC4.

He will be available in sexed semen very soon.

  • LETCHI (Hershel x Flocolin) 152 ISU :

LETCHIA bull with a complete type (+1,5), very improver in fat (%Fat +5,2), so a must to use for the progeny of the Driver bloodline (Upérisé, Ulozon…), largely present in breedings. Born in the SCEA des Gondinières in Isigny le Buat (50), breeder of the Gènes Diffusion Charte, this is an excellent family of cows with Houette (Flocolin) with a score of: 7 Size 6 Muscularity 7 Udder 8 Feet & Legs 89 points CC4 who starts again her second lactation with more than 30 kg (L1: 6154 kg 4,41 %Fat and 3,48 %Protein). Her dam Chouette (Royal Holl), scored 88 points CC4 is on the top, in the third position with 8 640 kg 4,21 %Fat and 3,28 %Protein. Finally, Sucette (Idris) the granddam scored 86 points CC4 and 9715 kg, with his fifth lactation 4,06 %Fat and 3,36 %Protein. Champion in Udder Health (Cells +1,8) and positive in Fertility (+0,2), LETCHI is a sire without restricted use on heifers (Easy Calving 91).

  • JAPELOU (Handelles x Ucany) 150 ISU :

JAPELOUWith a pedigree gathering famous sires of their generation: Handelles x Ucany x Ricardo x Lobby x Elixir, nothing surprising to find outstanding type index, in size (+0,9 ), udder (+0,8) and feet and legs (+1,5). His dairy potential, very improver in fat (+0,6) is combined to a significant udder health (+0,9). Born in GAEC Cahorel in La Rochelle Normande (50), breeders of the Gènes Diffusion Charte, the dam of JAPELOU (Fucany) is a purchase of the sale Top génétique during the National Normand contest of Neufchâtel in 2013. Pointed 6 Size 5 Muscularity 7 Udder 6 Feet & Legs 84 points CC3, Fucany has for best lactation the second one with 8 840 kg with 3,9 in %Fat and 3,27 on %Protein.

  • LARPIE (Barcouf x Atome) 148 ISU :

LARPIEBorn in the EARL de Fougeras in Les Salles-Lavauguyon (87), LARPIE is a complete bull, balanced in all the production traits (+0,7 %Protein +2,9 %Fat +576 Milk) and type (+1,2). We find developed cows (+0,9), strong in feet and legs (+1,2) and udder (+0,8). The milking speed is clearly improved (+0,8) without damaging the Udder Health (-0,1). We find a solid genetic composition (Barcouf x Atome x Saintyorre x Orienteur x Joachim x Driver) and significant females in this line. Harpie (Atome) produced in first lactation 6174 kg of milk (45,6 %Fat and 35,1%Protein) with the following score: 8 Size 5 Muscularity 7 Udder 5 Feet & Legs 83 points CC3. Her dam Doline (Saintyorre) peaks with 7 831 kg of milk in her third lactation (4,69 %Fat and 3,65 %Protein), and 86 points CC4.

He will be available in sexed semen soon.

  • LANDY (Guarana x Rubafix) 147 ISU :

LANDYHe is the icon of the longevity of the brood “Pandie”, Landy is the halfbrother of Hinnoy, they were both born in the EARL de Bourtourault in Mellé (35). Specialist of %Protein (+2,1), LANDY peaks with +1,7 of type with irreproachable feet and legs (+1,5), strong udders (+1) and a type of developed and muscled cows (+1,1). From the dam’s brood side, we find excellent index of longevity (+0,9) and fertility (+0,4) suitable for use on heifers ( Easy Calving 89). Couronne, the dam of LANDY has for best lactation, the fourth one with 7793 kg (4,3 %Fat and 3,5 %Protein) and a score of : 5 Size 6 Muscularity 7 Udder 7 Feet & Legs 83 points CC3. Her dam Pandie (Hollydays) peak on second lactation with 8 535 kg, 4,64 in %Fat and 3,83 in %Protein with 88 points CC3.

  • JUMBO EL (Hershel x Arantilly) 146 :

JUMBOThis cow family of GAEC Lahaye in Landelles and Coupigny (14) already saw the emergence of GLENHAFTON and HANDELLES last years. It’s time for JUMBO EL to represent the mark of type of the bloodline, with +1,6 in synthesis. Extrem bull, this sire convey an excellent development (+2 Stature and +1,4 Chest Depth), strong feet and legs (+0,7) and irreproachable udders (+1,5). Housse, the dam of JUMBO produced in first lactation (2 years 2) 6032 kg, with 4,23 %Fat and 3,56 %Protein, she has a score of 6 Size 6 Muscularity 6 Udder 6 Feet & Legs CC3 83 points. Frimousse (Upérisé x Rubafix), the grand-dam produced 9006 kg with 4,34 %Fat and 3,49 %Protein in fourth lactation with a score of 84 points.


  • LATINO (Hélado x Cyber) 157 ISU :

LATINOThe best son of Hélado, marketed on a the most original family of cows owned by GAEC DU DESERT in Louvigné du Désert (35), breeders of the Gènes Diffusion Charte. LATINO is the specialist of the udder health of this campaign thanks to his outstanding index, in cells (+2,4) and Clinical Mastitis (+1,7), while maintaining an improved milking speed (+0,4). Thanks to his balanced production index (+0,7 %Protein +2,2 %Fat +529 kg of milk), LATINO provides good guaranties : strong udders thank to an appropriate volume (+0,7) and a strong udder cleft (+1,7). He comes from a family of outstanding cows in production, proved by the best lactation (second one) of Gazelle, his dam, with 10 373 kg : 4,62 %Fat and 3,7 %Protein (7 Size, 6 Muscularity, 6 Udder, 6 Feet & Legs, 84 points CC3), and his famous grandmother Vimoutiers (Nivéa): 11 926 kg, 4,02 %Fat and 3,42 %Protein, for a score of 86 points CC4.

  • JUBILANT (Gameiro x Traban) 156 ISU :

JUBILANTBorn in the breeding of Bernard Lecherbault in Cherves-Chatelars (16), JUBILANT is the reference in components, type and health of our range. Like his dams’ brood, he is improver for cells (+1,4) and clinical mastitis (+1,1), he feels comfortable on the whole type characteristics (+1,5) and provider of excellent components (%Protein +1,8 and %Fat +1,8). Nothing surprising regarding the production of his dam Epanouie whose second lactation is about 7425k with 4,83 in %Fat and 3,9 in %Protein, for the following score: 9 Size 6 Muscularity 7 Udder 6 Feet & Legs 88 pots CC4. Deep family because the dam of Epanouie, Vanibelle (Manizalès) has for best lactation the fourth with 8 424 kg (4,5 %Fat and 3,57 %Protein) and a score of 89 points CC4.

  • JOHA (Handelles x Orkney) 154 ISU :

JOHAThis is a popular and confirmed family of cows of the GAEC de la Viette in la Feuillie (50), a partner breeder of the Gènes Diffusion Charte. He is an interesting bull thanks to index of production (-0,4 %Protein +3,2 %Fat +600 kg of milk), JOHA excels in all the type characteristics (+1,5) with a remarkable body depth (+1), balanced udder (+2,2), front teat placement (+1,4 Teat Orientation +1,3 Front teat distance) and udder cleft (+1,1). All health traits are improved with excellent longevity (+0,9) and fertility (+1) without unrestricted use (Easy Calving 92). Let remind that Caoline, the dam of JOHA (currently in her sixth lactation) produced in her fifth lactation 10 080 kg of milk (4,09 %Fat and 3,37 %Protein) and scored 9 Size 6 Muscularity 6 Udder 6 Feet & Legs 88 points CC3.

  • JEREMIAH (Bidule x Arnica) 149 ISU :

JEREMIAHJEREMIAH is the only available son of BIDULE, he is born in the breeding of Michel Mérienne in Larchamp (53). With a good dairy potential (+690 kg) the sire gives a lot of type (+1,3) with a model of heavy and muscled cows (+0,8 Size +0,5 Muscularity) with strong feet and legs (+0,5) and not too heavy but functional udders (+2,5). He has good functional traits, Udder Health (+0,7), longevity (+1,4) or fertility (+0,5). Hélice, the dam of JEREMIAH is currently in her second lactation, she produced 4 438 kg of milk with 4,45 in %Fat and 3,25 in %Protein in 174 days (25,5 kg of average) and she scored 8 Size 6 Muscularity 6 Udder 5 Feet & Legs 85 points CC3.