August 2016 Holstein proof

Confirmation is compulsory !

The second proof run of the year took place on the 11th August. For us, it is an important run for the confirmation of the bulls we selected a few months ago, to be part our new catalog. And we are glad of the confirmation of all our bulls, with significant increases for several of them. Also note the arrival of newcomers who, of course will not be available immediately, mostly at first, being reserved for use as sires of sons.

  • Top ISU : 34 bulls ≥ 200 pts of ISU
    38% for Gènes Diffusion (13 bulls)
  • Top type:
    FRIST PJP undisputed n°1 with +5,0. Confirmed on progeny, he is closely followed by 2 young bulls : CAPJ LAPSUS (grand-son of Frist PJP) at +4,6 and JOBART at +4,5.
  • Top Udder Health :
  • Top Fertility : Still dominated by our # 1 “ASTOR” with +3,2
  • Top Production : IPNOS improves further to reach the 2nd French place for ISU with 216 pts but remains #1 in his age category. He is the undisputed #1 of the French top 100 for milk with +2032.



Son of Shotglass x Scaloni, IPNOS is still the French #1 in his age category and the #2 of the French ranking with ISU at 216. He is the most dairy bull of the French top with an index of +2032 in milk, neutral in protein and also very specialist in health characters with +3,1 in Udder Health and+1,9 in Fertility. With such a profile, he is the legitimate leader of our ranking GD Merit (231 pts), integrating Hoof Healh index. IPNOS is available in sexed semen.


Born in North America in the Stantons Breeding, Jenesis ‘pedigree is Pulsar x Jackman x Domain x Planet Sully Shottle EX May 90. He comes from the same family as the bulls Alta Meteor and McCutchen.
Jenesis is currently the French #3 genomic bull with 210 pts of ISU and GTPI at +2559. He is a specialist in health characters (Udder Health +2,5 / Fertility +2,6), he also has excellent proofs in production, especially in the components and milk. JENESIS offers a very functional Type (Type 2,0) and can be used on heifers. Its use is currently reserved for our breeding program.


Dam of JADOBLUM (Heideblume) Son of Doorman x Lauthority x Bolton, JADOBLUM was born in the breeding partner the GAEC de la Rivière (85). #1 son of Doorman in France, with 203 pts ISU, he belongs to the specialists of type like the members of his pedigree and maternal family (Type +3,7 / Udder +3,5 / Body Capacity +1,9 / Feet&Legs +0,9). Very improver in health (Udder Health +2,7 / Fertility +1,7), he will also be appreciated by fans of proteins and cheeseability (Protein 2,8 / Kappa Casein BB / Beta Casein A2A2). Available in our Premium category, JADOBLUM is free from genetic defect CD (Cholesterol Deficiency).


Born in Norh America in the Breeding Kamps Hollow, AGAIN’s pedigree is Crank It x VGB 85 Supersire x EX 95 Durham x EX 93 Prelude x EX 94 Jubilant x D-R-A August EX 96. He is simply a grandson of the famous Durham KHW Altitude. This bull with his very interesting pedigree is currently the #1 son of Crank It in France with 203 pts of ISU and GTPI at +2567. AGAIN has a very complete profile improving production (Milk + 988 / Protein +2,1). He excels in health traits (Udder Health + 2,6 / Fertility 1,4), and he is complete in type (Type +2,2). Its use is currently reserved for our breeding program.


LUXEMBOURG Born in the breeding of EARL des quarante (59), LUXEMBOURG presents a very modern pedigree: ABS Silver x Meridian x Trigger x Roumare x Jesther. This young bull is present in the French top with 201 pts of ISU. Very improver in milk + 892, Fat :+4.2 and Protein +2.3, he also has a very good type (+3.3), he can be used on heifers. He is currently reserved for our selection program.

Meanwhile, this index run shows the arrival of many sons of ALTA1stCLASS, with the 3 best sons born from our program and tied to 206 pts of ISU:

    Dam of FAVI LOSKO (Deli Barbie)
  • FAVI LOSKO (Alta1stclass x Mogul x Domain)

Born in the breeding of our partner GAEC de la Ferme des Délices (42), he comes from the famous family Regancrest Durham Barbie. He is at the top level with 206 pts of ISU and presents a very complete profile (Milk +881 / Protein +1.4 / Udder health +1.6 / Fertility + 1.8 / Type +3.4 / Udder + 3.6). He will be soon available for our selection program.

    dam of CLASSIC ST (Stantons Freedie Cameo)
  • CLASSIC ST (Alta1stclass x Freddie x Lucky Star)

Born in the breeding Stantons, this son of Alta1stclass comes from the family Sher-est Southwind Saturday (like the bulls Socrates, Mister Sam, Sidney, Samuelo). With 206 pts of ISU and +2500 pts GTPI, he is at the top level in production (Millk +759 / Protein +2.1), fertility (Fertility +1.8) and in type (type +3.6 / Udder + 3.6). He is the specialist of very easy calving. His use is reserved for our program.

    Debonair : dam of DEACON
  • DEACON (Alta1stclass x Doorman x Dorcy x Baxter)

From a purchase in North America in the Breeding Kings-Randsom, DEACON has a very modern pedigree with a dam from Doorman classified VG 88 at 2 years old and a grandam by Dorcy EX90. He is part of the most complete new bulls, with 206 pts of ISU and + 2495 pts of GTPI. He also has a great potential in the components (Protein +2.2 / Fat +4.9), functional (Udder health +1.6 / Fertility +1.7) and Type (+3.6)



ARCHER P From a purchase in North America, he was born in the Stantons Breeding and shows a very attractive pedigree: Powerball x VG 86 McCutchen x VG 85 Observer x VG 87 Bolton x Wabash-way Shottle Emilyann VG 88. He is at present, the French #1 polled bull with 199 pts of ISU and a GTPI +2472 pts. He brings tremendous production (Milk + 1251 / Protein +2.6), a very functional type (Type +1.7), and he is very improver in fertility (Fertility index + 2.3). His use is currently reserved for our selection program.


LINDBERG P Born in North America in the Stantons Breeding, he has the following pedigree: Powerball x VG 87 Uno x VG 85 Super x EX 92 Baxter x EX 91 Shottle x Lylehaven LILA Z EX 94. LINDBERG P is a very special bull in various points of view. He is part of the top of the polled bulls with 190 pts of ISU and is very interesting for his production (Milk + 1718), fertility (fertility +2.4) and a complete type profile (Type +2.2). He is currently reserved in priority for our program.

Du côté des Red


LIGHT RED LIGHT Red remains the French # 1 Red Holstein bull with an unchanged ISU at + 198 pts and GTPI at + 2382. His pedigree is Archive Red (son of Ladd P Red) x VG 86 Mogul x EX 90 Super x EX 90 Pronto x EX 93 Goldwyn, coming from Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX96, coming herself from the famous “Queen of the breed” Roxy EX97.


Confirmation of the whole range of our Senior bulls of which:

  • Hancock, daughter of FRANCO MAN FRANCO MAN who wins 3pts of ISU and takes the second place of the French ranking with + 179 pts. This son of Bronco x Shottle was born in the Farm Gaec Le Manoir (85).
  • Istoire, daughter of FIRMIN POM FIRMIN POM has now around 900 daughters in his production index, he makes a remarkable progress of 9 pts of ISU and reached 172 pts. Thus, he is one of the best sons of Man-O-Man in Fertiltiy (Fertility +1,8). This son of Man-O-Man x Baxter was born in the partner farm Gaec de la Pommière (42).
  • Ednie, daughter of FIDUCY AUM FIDUCY AUM : He also progresses with 6 pts of ISU and reaches 171 pts of ISU. This bull has a very complete profile; he is very interesting because he is BB in Kappa Casein and A2A2 in Beta Casein. This son of Gerard x Duplex was born in the Partner breeding GAEC de l’Aumone (21).
  • Irlande, daughter of FRIBURG FRIBURG : With 158 pts of ISU and +3,0 in type and with more than 300 daughters in his index, he confirms his status amongst the elite for the type. This son of Lauthority x Shottle was born in the partner breeding GAEC Cabon (29)
  • Icone PJP : daughter of Frist PJP FRIST PJP
  • With more than 50 daughters in his production index and 34 classified daughters, FRIST PJP confirms his level of ISU at + 165 winning a point, but above all his supremacy for type with incredible ratings: Type +5,0 / Udder +4,2 / Body Capacity + 2,3 / Feet&Legs +2,3

Among the new confirmations :

  • Ginette, daughter of GREG CAPJ GREG CAPJ (Snowman x Bolton): was born in the partner breeding GAEC Cabon (29), he comes from the family of the famous Jennifer, GREG CAPJ was popular as genomic bull. With almost 40 daughters in his index, it is time to confirm with 175 pts of ISU, while maintaining the profile that made him popular at a young age, namely improver in production, large health expert : udder (+3,3), and safe value in terms of type (+2,2) as well as ease of calving.
  • GOUPIX RF (Destry x Shottle) : This bull widely used, especially in the sexed range, confirms with the arrival of his first 90 daughters, with 169 pts of ISU. His profile is certainly little milk, but however very interesting for health traits, feet&legs and ease of calving.
  • Ibsons, daughter of GIBSONS GIBSONS (Cypripède x Planet): he was born in the partner breeding GAEC Beurel (22). Even if he does not join yet our Senior range, GIBSONS is nevertheless part of the great hopes in the category of confirmed, given the arrival of his first daughters. He keeps a high index level with 175 pts ISU and an extremely complete profile.


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