Historical leaders in their respective markets, both cooperative groups Origenplus and Genes Diffusion, specialists in genetics and animal breeding have decided to implement a partial alliance of their bovine genetic activities to better serve the members of their unions, their customers in France and abroad, as well as their partners.

From left to right : Jean-Yves LEBEAU (President of the Normand Division of the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society), Jean-Marie DESDOIT (President of the Prim'Holstein Origenplus committee ), Aurélien MICHEL ( General Director of Origenplus), Patrick DESBROSSES (President of the Charolais Division of the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society), François CARPENTIER (President of Origenplus), Gilles LAVISSE (President of the Genes Diffusion Real Estate and Finance Society), Alain GUILLAUME (President of the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society), Vincent LEVERRIER (President of the Normand Origenplus committee ), François DESMONS (General Director of Genes Diffusion), Bernard BOLLEAU (President of the Holstein Division of the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society)Strengthened by their common values, both groups as well as the cooperatives involved in their governance share a similar vision of what will be breeding, genetics and reproductive technologies in the future. Therefore, they engage in an ambitious alliance to form the second largest French genetics program, preserving a necessary alternative to French farmers. This alliance will create shared value for farmers, employees and business partners engaged with the two organizations.

Beyond an initial motivation based on sharing of genetic activities, both companies also want to develop other synergies. For both groups, their activities are well balanced between core and new business, leading to stable and reassuring development possibilities for the future.

This alliance will reinforce the governance of the two groups, leaving major autonomy to insemination coops in their territory, and guaranteeing a real proximity with respect to members. It will also achieve mutual cost savings on industrial tools, research and international activity.

Groupe OrigenplusORIGENPLUS Group
(President : François CARPENTIER)

Le groupe ORIGENPLUS est constitué de la coopérative agricole résultant du regroupement des coopératives UNOG et CIA de l’Aigle, spécialistes de l’insémination artificielle bovine sur la région Normandie et les départements limitrophes. The ORIGENPLUS group consists of the agricultural cooperative resulting from UNOG and CIA de l’Aigle, 2 specialists of bovine artificial insemination in Normandy and the neighboring region.

It is characterized by the following key figures:

  • 30 million euros in equity
  • 18.8 million euros in turnover
  • 3 foreign subsidiaries
  • 120 inseminators in France in 12 geographical areas
  • 250 employees, including 50 international
  • 5,000 active coop members
  • 445,000 total bovine inseminations

Groupe Gènes DiffusionGENES DIFFUSION Group
(President : Alain GUILLAUME)

The GENES DIFFUSION group consists of a union of agricultural cooperatives with 8 insemination companies: Ain Génétique Service, Apis Diffusion, CIA Gènes Diffusion, Cecna, COOPEL, Coopelia, Elva Novia, Genes Diffusion Ouest.

Together with the diversification subsidiaries, associated cooperatives of Genes Diffusion Group represent:

  • 75 million euros in equity
  • 100 million euros in turnover
  • 10 subsidiaries in France and abroad
  • 480 inseminators in 39 departments
  • 860 employees, including 50 international and 100 for pig business in France
  • 25,000 active coop members
  • 2,000,000 total bovine inseminations, including 560,000 in Poland