Genes Diffusion and Origen Normande at Simagena

By their mutual participation at the Simagena agricultural show, the two companies: Genes Diffusion and Origenplus materialize the alliance that was announced last September and that has been actually running since the 1st January 2017.

Indeed, 5 months after the signing of the association pact, both Genes Diffusion and Origenplus groups, which are now the 2nd French genetic actor, chose the Simagena fair trade organized from 26 February to 2 March 2017 to highlight the force and the international scope of their common genetic program for the Holstein, Charolais and Normand breeds.

Programme du SIMAGENA 2017These 5 days at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte will be punctuated by several highlights (see the program). They will offer the opportunity to officially launch, on February 28, the new Breeding Society in the Normand breed, named "Origen Normande", a structure that replaces the Normand programs of both entities.

By performing on their stand in Hall 2 in front of the ring a presentation of descendants composed of 68 animals, Genes Diffusion and Origen Normande will be among the main leaders of the Simagena. A show during which will also be honored the latest technological innovations proposed to breeders, such as the Moocall - calving detection system, the GD SCAN - genotyping technique and the website dedicated to the trade of genotyped Charolais breeding stock …

Several figures on the alliance of Genes Diffusion / Origenplus

Through their alliance, the two groups expand the size of their respective programs to form a joint program, whose perimeter now represents more than 2 million TAI (total artificial inseminations) for the 3 main breeds: Holstein, Normand and Charolais (figures 2015 ), as well as 1.5 million doses marketed internationally.

Concretely, thanks to this agreement:

  • the common genetic offer 50% of the French TOP 100 ISU in the Holstein breed and 50% of the French TOP 10 ISU in the Norman breed, according to the 8th December 2016 proof
  • the Charolais breeding program undoubtedly strengthens its leadership position in terms of procreation and diffusion

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