The Czech National Show

On 12 May, 2017, in Brno, was held the largest Czech National Show of all breeds where the Genes Diffusion genetics was particularly illustrated.

Mr Marton BUJDOJO, a Hungarian breeder, judged the Charolais competition with 40 animals, more than half of which were directly from the Genes Diffusion genetics. Simon PERROT and Patrick REVERSE represented the French genetics and the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society.


A young bull Champion , a son of Fronsac x Vizir P ( a grand champion of Lysa 2016 ) aged 16 months belonging to the family breeding HATLAK )ICH114, son of FRONSAC, aged 16 months and belonging to the HATLAK breeding, was crowned champion of the males. This young champion is the son of ROSA Z MEZIBOBORI, a daughter of VIZIR P, cow who was Champion of the National 2016 contest in LYSA. ICH 137, son of FIRST of the breeding UFARMA, finished 2nd.

These 2 mixed bulls, combining size, muscle and functional abilities, show perfectly the type of animals more and more sought after by the European countries including France.

Heifers 18 months

In the category of females of 18 months, we find in the 1st place a heifer from embryo exported by Genes Diffusion: Belle x Castor from Jan ZUZANEK. In the 2nd place a daughter of SUEDOIS of the JAROSLAV breeding. In 3rd and 4th position a daughter of FRONSAC and VOIMO of UFARMA.

Pregnant heifers

Grand Champion of Brno, granddaughter of Tamilly X Lerebel , aged 26 months belonging to UFARMA

Regarding the pregnant heifers, the grand prize of the competition is awarded to a granddaughter of TAMILLY x LE REBEL, she belongs to the UFARMA breeding.

In this section, she is followed in order by a daughter of CIEL, GUINNES PP, d’UNIBLOC and ERASMUS.

26 months old daughter of GUINNES PP, from the breeding AGROCHYT

Cows with calves

Finally, among the calved cows, we find in the first place a daughter of ECUREUIL followed by a daughter of VIZIR P of the breeding MECHOLUPSKA, in the 2nd position a daughter of VIZIR P belonging to the breeding LEDR.

group of all the Czech Charolais breeders with the Grand ChampionCongratulations to all Czech Charolais breeders for their remarkable selection work on birth facilities, growth, morphology and maternal qualities. These results reflect the use of 30% of genetics confirmed by the insemination.