A son of JaltaOak in the USA

Our bull JALTAOAK has just got noticed in the US in the most beautiful way - with a world-class son:S-S-I Renegade.

JALTAOAK The information has even been taken up in the July issue of the Holstein International monthly which explains why the US selection scheme Select Sire chose to use the Genes Diffusion bull . As Jeff Ziegler, head of the Select Sire scheme, explains, "One objective (...) is to find something different". It is necessary to understand the willingness of the American scheme to use new pedigrees rather than draw from the same illustrious of North American Holstein families. "JALTAOAK fits that description nicely," says the Sire analyst.

Also, the contribution of the different pedigree of JALTAOAK allowed to obtain the bull S-S-I Renegade. "He is a JaltaOak son of S-S-I 11588, a daughter of De-Su Millington (a Melarry Miles son) out of a Davinci daughter" detailed Holstein International. To date, Renegade is one of the highest young American bulls in terms of index and certainly the # 1 outcross with 2938 GTPI.

A beautiful recognition for the Genes Diffusion scheme which manages to place its genetics modestly among the best American bulls.

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