August 2017 Holstein Proof : A continue Summer release

On August 9th was held the 2nd Holstein proof of the year. It is an important release for the confirmation of all our bulls.

To sum up, the Genes Diffusion, has its place on the side of genomic sires :

  • 4 sires in the French top 10
  • 44% of the bulls in the top 200
  • Not less than 24 bulls ≥ at 200 pts of ISU.




Damaris x Saloon x Snowman

Born in Germany, his pedigree dates back as far as to the very famous Batke Oustide Kora EX 94 who was the European Champion in the category “ young cow ” in 2006. LUMINOUS is currently the French # 3 in ISU, providing a lot of genetic variability.

  • ISU 220
  • Milk +1295 / Protein +2,2
  • Udder health +2,2 / Fertility +1,4
  • Type +2,5 / Udder +2,1

Currently used within the Genes Diffusion genetic program.



Hotshot x Halogen

Born and housed in the North America, this bull comes from the Origenplus program and is a son of Hotshot (Shotglass x Nifty Twist) x Halogen x VG 86 O-Styl x VG 85 Planet x EX 91 Shottle x VG 85 Blitz. Particularly interesting for his extreme level in ISU (217), especially thanks to his production index and his outstanding health traits ( Udder health +3,3 / Fertility +3,5), Hotshot receives the 5th place in the national ranking.

Semen available.


Wilder Wonne dam of MOME

Superstar x Balisto

MOME is a new bull who arrives directly at the 7th place of the French TOP with 213 points of ISU. His extremely modern pedigree: Superstar x Balisto x Epic x Man-O-Man x Duplex dates back to the very famous family: To-Mar Blackstar.

MOME has a very complete profile :

  • ISU 213
  • Milk 716 / Protein +2,0
  • Type +2,7
  • Fertility +0,9 / Udder health +3,9

This very young bull whose semen production should start soon will be used in a first stage as a part of the selection program.



Anamur x Balisto

This bulls comes from the world known Dellia family via one daughter of Jolt on a full sister of the bull Durham. MANAVA is a very early son of Anamur x Balisto x Epic. He enters the French TOP 10.

  • ISU 212
  • Milk 1046 / Protein +1,0
  • Fertility +1,8 / Udder Health +2,3
  • Type +3,8

Currently in usage within the selection scheme.



Battlecry x Brekem x Snowman

At the door of the French TOP 10 with 211 pts of ISU, MATT RF is the # 1 among the Red Holsteins, but also the # 1 of the Battlecry sons in France.
The dam of MATT RF is a half-sister of the bull Kanu P Red.

  • ISU 211
  • Milk 988 / Protein +0,2
  • Type +3,2
  • Fertility +1,7 / Udder health +4,1

Currently in usage within the selection scheme.



 Fleury Man dam of Hyper CAPJ

Lotta Hill x Man-O-Man

Son of Lotta Hill x Man-O-Man, born in the herd of GAEC CABON (29), this full brother of HARO CAPJ comes from the famous Champion Jennyfer family. After the use as a genomic sire within the range Packs and with the arrival of first 55 daughters in his index, HYPER CAPJ confirms his production potential and places himself on the 3rd position in the French ranking with 175 points of ISU.
With his very complete profile, HYPER CAPJ will be interesting to be used to improve:

  • the production (Milk +1136)
  • the quality of the udders with, in particular, very good rear udder attachment and teat length
  • health traits

GIBSONS Ibsons daughter of GIBSONS

Cypripède x Planet

GIBSONS is born in the farm of GAEC BEUREL (22). With today almost 1 000 daughters in his production index, GIBSONS confirms all the predicted qualities and remains on the 4th position of the French ranking with 174 points of ISU.

  • ISU 174
  • Milk +916 / Protein +0,5
  • Udder health +1,2 / Fertility +1,3
  • Udder +1,5 / Feet & -Legs +1,2
  • Rump angle +1,4 / Rear att. +2,7
  • A2A2


Igloo daughter of GWENHODO

Bronco x Planet x Jordan 3

Born in the herd of GAEC La Ville Es Renault (22) and a product of our partner’s Origenplus program, this milk specialist shares the 4th place of the French ranking with GIBSONS.

His strengths :

  • ISU 174
  • Milk 1454
  • Type +1,5
  • Udder health +2,3
  • Sire calving ease +91


4 daughters of FRIST PJP

Atwood x Bolton x Titanic

Born in the breeding of M. PASQUET Jean-Pierre (35), FRIST PJP is just a phenomenon for his type qualities. Since 2011, a year of his first genomic index, he has just keeping his first place in the French ranking for the type. Today, with more than 200 daughters in his index and +4,9 in Type, +4,1 in Udder and +2,4 in Feet & Legs, he has already been considered as a legend for his outstanding qualities.
His fame goes even beyond the borders of Europe, because with his 5th place in American morphological ranking (PTAT 3.42), he is currently the only confirmed European bull on progeny to enter this top 10 PTAT.


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