CYPRIPEDE daughter - CHAMPION in Argentina … in working clothes !

At the beginning of August, the "Cow Contest in the Field" was organized as part of the Exposition of the Sociedad Rural de Rafaela in Argentina. Already realized in several localities of the province of Buenos Aires, it was a first in Rafaela in the province of Santa Fé.

Fille de CYPRIPEDE en 3ème lactation, grande championne du Concours de la Sociedad Rural de Rafaela 2017 (Argentine). Prop : famille Alassia – Rafaela – Santa FéParticipating farms were enrolled in the dairy control without the animals being necessarily registered by the Holstein Association (ACHA). Judge Javier Casineri, designated by ACHA, visited the 11 farms that had registered to select the cow (among 3 or 4 presented by the breeder) that could compete in each of the following sections:

  • section 1: primiparous
  • section 2: cows in 2nd & 3rd lactation
  • section 3: cows in 4th & 5th lactation
  • section 4: cows in 6th lactation and more

A video of each cow selected, in work clothes (!), was then produced and presented in the evening to a final jury which was to designate a champion, a reserve champion and a mention for each section and the best batch of 4 cows . The best breeders in the region were represented, among them MV Pedro Rostagno, president of Sociedad Rural de Rafaela and a Canadian semen seller in the area, Mapero SA, and so on. Practically all the companies selling the bovine semen were present.

De gauche à droite : Manuel Garcia Sola (directeur de CGL), Miguel et Adrian Alassia, Mauro Morra (commercial CGL)

Faithful client of CGL, representative of Genes Diffusion in Argentina, the breeding of Miguel and Adrian Alassia distinguished themselves with:

  • a daughter of DELIGHT, 3rd in the primiparous, while she had been calved for more than 6 months.
  • a daughter of CYPRIPEDE, 1st of the 2nd & 3rd lactations section, only calved for 30 days of her 3rd calf and producing 36 kg.
  • a daughter of a bull from the natural mating, 2nd in the 4th & 5th lactations section.
  • a daughter of a Canadian bull, 1st in the 6th and more lactations section .

To top it off, the title of the Grand Champion was awarded to the daughter of CYPRIPEDE and the best batch of 4 cows at the Alassia breeding.

Congratulations to the Alassia family.


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