Cow of the year 2017 : Yes to Corrida !

Corrida has just been elected "Cow of the Year 2017" by the votes of Internet users carried out on the web site of Prim'Holstein France ! A great reward for this ROUMARE daughter as well as for the genetics of Genes Diffusion !

Corrida, élue Vache de l'Année 2017 par Prim'Holstein France

After several days of competitions, the verdict fell and it was Corrida who was elected "Cow of the Year 2017". The daughter of ROUMARE is acclaimed thanks to « her very complete profile, because she combines wonderfully production life, profitability and functional morphology » as explained by the Prim'Holstein France on their website. Corrida , elected the Cow of the year 2017 by Prim'Holstein France
This cow in her 7th lactation who comes from the herd of GAEC Bois Jean in the Orne expresses wonderfully the qualities transmitted by her sire: « ROUMARE, who doesn’t need to presented any more, is a very good bull because of his type and the phenomenal protein content » explains Frédéric Lepoint, responsible for the Holstein Scheme of Genes Diffusion before adding that « the daughters of ROUMARE produce a very healthy milk ». And these are just the recognized qualities of Corrida who, in terms of production, also freaks out the counters: « While being very functional, Corrida has also a very good production, since she has passed the 100,000 kg of milk thanks to her current lactation, with an average of 3,32 g / kg of protein component and a 3,90 g / kg of fat component » details the Prim'Holstein France..

Congratulations to Mr. Leportier for this remarkable cow who will certainly be talked about in the next days.


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