The new IBOVAL indexation strengthens the position of the Genes Diffusion Charolais sires

This end of January is marked, as every year, by the new indexation IBOVAL. By analyzing these results, we observe that the Genes Diffusion bulls keep a good index level. All the work done by and for the breeders is bearing fruit and the good performance of the genetic offer reinforces the attention paid to the expectations of the entire industry during the various bull recruitment rounds.

3 bulls out of the first 4 in ISEVR (Total merit index for direct effect at weaning)


With 135 in ISEVR, EPERNAY is the leader of the Charolais bulls proven for the production of weanlings. His sire BASTION keeps the 3rd place of this ranking with 131 points in Total merit index at weaning which is very important economic index for the producers of weanlings.
Then we find FLASH (129) and FIRST (128). All of these bulls have high growth potential, excellent conformation at weaning and very high indexes of beef abilities.
We note also the presence of HULK in the national TOP 10. This bull is one of the first genomic bulls marketed by Genes Diffusion.
We can also mention UNIBLOC, who despite the erosion of the indexes, maintains the course with his 124 of ISEVR. He also passed on this great potential to his daughters who prove to be excellent producers of weanlings.

What's new in Maternal Qualities ?

EPERNAY, still him, remains the French N° 1 with his IVMAT of 137. His progeny has still a lot of growth (126), an excellent morphology and his daughters calve well (112 of AVel-calving ease) and are very dairy (110 in ALait-maternal genetics on weaning weight).
Behind him, we find many “heifer“ bulls able to bring you undeniable maternal qualities: BASTION, HONORABLE, LUCIFER, LATINO, … The genomic bulls are very favorably positioned in this classification, which shows that they can be used safely. Special mention to DUMAS, who combines very well the high birth ease (115) and dairy qualities of 118, which places him among the best of the breed on this character.

The “cow” bulls are not left out either because we find CHABAL (125), ESPAGNOL, ETOUBO et VIGNY (119).
The bulls BALTRAP (+8 points), CALOGERO et BANCO (+4 points) benefit from the arrival of their daughters in production to assert their very improving profiles in calving abilities like many other bulls since 12 of the 13 first French bulls are the Genes Diffusion bulls. Currently being evaluated, GOOD P is number 1 with an AVEL of 137 followed closely by ETOUBO and GUINNES PP, among others, two bulls that started to be marketed last fall.

The young sires JUNIOR in full carburation


GUINNES PP in AVel, HONORABLE in ISEVR, ICEBERG PP and ISIDOR PP in IFNAIS (birth ease) and AVel or ISOLA in ISEVR confirm their excellent dispositions.

Special mention to HAMEL who maintains, or even improves his qualities: ease of birth, balanced morphology, dairy abilities and a very high growth potential for fattening which allows him to have a very high level of beef ability index. Combined with his high level in GD SCAN breeding values, all his qualities make him a must for your heifers.

The sires PREMIUM continue their way

The new bulls are experiencing a small general decline in indexing, mainly due to the genetic erosion of their ancestry. LEXOVY and LUTTI however maintain their level.

JAGUAR, JOLIMOME P, JACKPOT and JUPITER P have all very positive breeding values in IFNAIS (birth ease) on progeny corroborating thus the genomic index. They remain globally at the same level of IVMAT.

The main IBOVAL indexation of January 2018 confirms the leading position of Genes Diffusion in Charolais genetics, who holds the best bulls tested and distributed in each production. Whatever your goal, we can offer you high performance bulls. We strive to meet your expectations and this indexation of January allows us to hope that you will find your account.