Genes Diffusion introduces new economic and health indexes

Since the development of the "Hoof Health" evaluation in 2014, the scientific teams of the Genes Diffusion genomic platform have continued to take into account the expectations of dairy farmers to provide them with new selection tools. This year, they make available for their farmers three new indexes with significant economic impact:

Mortellaro (MTL)

Mortellaro (MTL) : to reduce the financial impact of lameness on farms

This index was already present in the hoof health synthesis. It is now available on an individual basis for breeders, to allow a more enhanced selection on this disease, the main cause of lameness in breeding.

Acétonémie (Acet)

Acetonemia (Acet) : to prevent the deterioration of the economic results

In order to integrate the fight against acetonemia and to avoid the decline in production and the degradation of the reproduction results linked to this metabolic disease, Genes Diffusion has developed a new Acet synthesis index. It combines the Acetonia index and the Beta hydroxy butyrate index (BHB).

Efficacité alimentaire (EF)

Feed Efficiency (EF) : to build on performance

In order to evaluate the productive profitability of herds, the feed efficiency index EF was developed by the Genes Diffusion teams. Now, by selecting this summary index, farmers can achieve an economy of inputs, while maintaining the identical level of production.

By integrating these new data, the GD Merit summary index, established in 2014 by Genes Diffusion, adapts to give even more weight to high-impact economic characteristics. Its inclusion in our OptiGEN computerized mating software offers the guarantee of a genetic progress on these criteria of differentiation, always with the objective of helping the breeders to optimize their system and thus to improve their income.

You can find further information on the page dedicated to new indexes


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