2nd Valoris Charolais Day

On May 31, the Valoris Charolais association together with the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society and the member cooperatives invited the breeders participating in the genetic procreation and/or users of Charolais genomics to the 2nd Valoris Charolais Day.

Organized at the farm of GAEC de Bucheleur, in Cuzy (71) on the territory of the Elva Novia cooperative, this genetic day gathered nearly 200 breeders.

With the theme " The genomics and Charolais in working order", this meeting aimed at illustrating the genomics review, presenting the results and perspectives of the Valoris 38 research program, explaining the approach taken by the Genes Diffusion and the Valoris Charolais Association for the Charolais breed, but above all to gather and federate Charolais breeders around genomics.

Many thanks to the organizers and to the farm of GAEC of Bucheleur for this very rewarding day.

The subject was also talked about in the agricultural review of the newspaper “Exploitant Agricole” of the Saône-and-Loire region from June 6th. To learn more, click here.