Genes Diffusion develops the partnership

The General Assemblies of the Genes Diffusion group, a major player in genetics and animal reproduction in the bovine, porcine, rabbit and equine species, took place on June 20th in Douai (59).

On the program: return on the activity 2017, then presentation and validation of the accounts of the various structures. These meetings also made it possible to take stock of current topics: the EU OS projects in the different breeds and the development projects for the coming years, with, among other things, the analysis and the valorization of the databases in breeding...

from left to right, Alain Guillaume President of the Genes Diffusion Breeding Society, François Desmons General Manager of the Genes Diffusion Group and Gilles Lavisse President of the Genes Diffusion Real Estate and Financial division.

The General Meetings were also an opportunity for the Board of Directors to reaffirm its determination to preserve the group's independence, by reinforcing the network strategy and the differentiation policy.

Our cooperative group has thus highlighted its ambition to continue its development by relying on multi-species partnerships, structured on a "win / win" logic and lasting, with the objective + to be present in buoyant and value-added markets.

We remind that at the end of 2017, Genes Diffusion implemented, with Seenergi, the leader of the council in breeding of the big west, a new form of organization in network to meet together the challenges of tomorrow and thus better meet the needs of breeders and sectors.