Milk around the world : Genes Diffusion is partner

Genes Diffusion has decided to be part of the project “Milk around the world” with Martine BROUWER and Arnaud BARANGER riding their bicycle for a worldwide tour about the theme of the milk production. Explanations….

Logo Suivez-NousNative of the agriculture domain, having passion for moutain bike and wishing to make the round of the world, Martine and Arnaud have naturally planned a project with these three ingredients. “We want to go ahead to discover the world and ourselves at the same time” they declared. Therefore, they decided to study the milk production in all its aspects and analyze the different processes of milk production in every country they are going to cross. “In this tour, we plan to meet people who are acting in the process of milk production. The purpose is to be draw up the situation of a fascinating field that, at the moment, we can only apprehend with our western vision” they observed.

Departure of this wonderful plan will be announced at the SPACE exhibition in Rennes (France). Riding their moutain bike, Arnaud and Martine have set their heart on gathering the maximum of information in order to enrich “the dialogue between the different actors in the world of milk”.

Genetics : one of the step of milk production

With the partnership of Genes Diffusion, Martine and Arnaud will make some reports regarding the milk genetics thanks to their discovers and the people they will meet. To make it possible, Arnaud and Martine will meet different contacts and distributors of the company in the numerous countries they plan to visit. Thanks to these local actors, they will be able to study the place of genetics in the milk bovine production which is constantly changing in a complex system of production.

The whole articles will be published on the Genes Diffusion internet site as they advanced in their tour. So come back often on our site to get the most updated news/information about their trip.

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