Milk Around The World : They’re Off !

As was announced a few months ago, Martine BROUWER and Arnaud BARANGER have officially begun their formidable project : Milk Around The World.

Martine BROUWER and Arnaud BARANGER at the moment when they departed from SPACE 2009. They plan to be back there for the edition of 2010.From their point of departure, the Space Show at Rennes, Arnaud and Martine left on September 17th for a tour around the planet, in order to discover the different ways in which milk is produced all over the world.

The couple wants to realize this tour around the world, that has been split up in a number of stages, on their “simple” reclining bicycles. Gènes Diffusion is supporting this project and on its site will regularly publish articles about their tour, in which they tell us about their experiences and the people they meet from the world of dairy genetics.

Good luck to Martine and Arnaud! And do visit the site of Gènes Diffusion regularly if you want to be kept informed about their trip.



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