100 Breton Heifers and Bull Dams in the Czech Republic

On the road with Czech hills in backgroundThe economical course

« I will take you for a visit to one of the best Czech farms as far as milk production is concerned » says Tereza Svarcova, responsible for the selection and matings at PLEMO-Agro Merin – Chov Servis. During our journey, which takes us through picturesque villages and nice hills, Teresa explains: Zdenek Sedlak, General manager of Plemo« The objective of our enterprise is to introduce in the Czech herds the highest level of genetics available in the global breeding world: bulls that produce long-life, highly productive and functional descendants. In short, just economical bulls! »

« Good bulls »

PLEMO has been working together with Genes Diffusion for more than three years. The cooperation consists of the mutual testing of French Holstein bulls. The best French bulls can also be found in the Czech top list. « This year we will also start a mutual testing program of Charolais and Limousin bulls ». What Teresa appreciates most about Genes Diffusion: « Their good bulls », or, put differently, the genetic level of the proposed bulls.

Five million liters

M. Zeman, manager of dairy cowsAt the Agrodruzstvo Naceradec enterprise, we are welcomed by Zdenek Sedlak, the farm manager. The enterprise, a cooperation of various owners, was established in 1993. It has 1750 ha of arable land: 500 ha beet, 300 ha rape, 300 ha cereal, 250 ha mais, and the rest is grassland. The main activity of the enterprise is milk production: 550 dairy cows produce the quota of 5 million liters.

Everything for the wellbeing of the cows

Loose housing at Agrodruzstvo Naceradec farmTo take care of the cows, the exploitation has 52 employees divided over three work groups. The principal work group is managed by two zoo-technicians, the vegetable products are the responsibility of an agricultural engineer, and the equipment (tractors, material for ensilage…) are maintained by an engineer. In the milk department, everything possible is done to make the most of the genetic potential. The cows are kept in groups, in accordance with their production and lactation stage Agrodruzstvo Naceradec is one of the best herd of Czech RepublicHowever, different breeds are kept together. Zeman Libor, zoo-technician, explains: « IThere would be too many groups and the cows would be disrupted by the too frequent activities and handling » The cows are being milked three times a day and all the buildings used on the operation have been restructured these past five years. Selection of the animals takes place twice a year and a veterinarian performs a systematic check-up of the cows five days after calving, amongst others to prevent acidosis.

Today, the herd is 60% of Holstein, 20% of Simmental and 20% of MontbeliardeProtein very welcome

The enterprise has started with the import of 100 bred heifers – pure Holstein – from Brittany. « Our priority are components and size. That’s why we like the From l. to r. : M. Zeman, Arnaud Baranger, Martine Brouwer, Tereza Svarcova and Zdenek Sedlak at the office of Agrodruzstvo Naceradec farmFrench cows ». Since then, various bull dams have emerged at the farm, that today has a herd consisting of 60% Holstein, 20% Simmental and 20% Montbéliarde. On average the Holsteins produce 10,500 liter at 3.93%F and 3.6%P. « Protein is very well paid for in the Czech Republic », adds Zdenek Sedlak.



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