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Genes Diffusion is partner of “Milk around the World”, project leaded by Arnaud BARANGER and Martine BROUWER, which consists in a bicycle trip to discover the milk production around the world. Arnaud and Martine will publish on our website regular reports about dairy genetics linked to the experiences they will share during their trip.

The Netherlands: Modern Genetics for Modern Breeders
Drapeau HollandeFor a long time, the Netherlands has been the spearhead of development in the milk production industry in Europe. At the dawn of a veritable liberalization, the Dutch breeders are more determined than ever. « The sire choice plays a key role here », explains Sander Stenveld, breeder at De Punt, in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands.
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100 Breton Heifers and Bull Dams in the Czech Republic
Drapeau République TchèquePLEMO has been working together with Genes Diffusion for more than three years. The cooperation consists of the mutual testing of French Holstein bulls. The best French bulls can also be found in the Czech top list.
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Sexed Semen for Hungary
Drapeau HongrieIn Hungary, the farms are very large and the Holsteinisation has progressed at high speed these last 30 years. Today, more than 90% of the dairy cows are of the Holstein breed.
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VIJUST, much appreciated sire in Turkey
Drapeau TurquieThe cooperation between Gènes Diffusion and Safak Çevik, Director of Demsa Genetik, goes back a long time. In 1996, large numbers of French heifers were imported in Turkey. The Turkish breeders were very enthusiastic about the conformation and the production of these dairy cows. When, in 1999, Demsa Genetik was founded, Safak did not hesitate about importing semen of bulls from Gènes Diffusion.
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How does a Chinese AI Center work ?
Drapeau ChineArnaud BARANGER and Martine BROUWER had the opportunity to visit the Shanghai Dairy Breeding Center. In China, milk production is developing at a high pace. In 10 years, the national production has quadrupled. The demand for milk is increasing all the time.
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Establishing an elite herd with French genetics in Australia
Drapeau AustralieTo refresh your memory: It was during the largest dairy show in the southern hemisphere, the International Dairy Week 2008. With around 30 animals in the sale, a daughter from ROUMARE attracted the top price of 26,900 Euro (443,000 A$) . This superb heifer, Anastasia, was acquired by Jet Star Holsteins, a farm in the northern part of the state of Victoria.
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French genetics appreciated in Argentina
Drapeau ArgentineDespite national policies to discourage the import of foreign products, the Argentine breeders are becoming more and more technical and intensify their production. Today we are travelling to Rafaela, in the heart of one of the main dairy production areas of Argentina.
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They’re Off !
As was announced a few months ago, Martine BROUWER and Arnaud BARANGER have officially begun their formidable project : Milk Around The World.
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Genes Diffusion is partner
Genes Diffusion has decided to be part of the project “Milk around the world” with Martine BROUWER and Arnaud BARANGER riding their bicycle for a worldwide tour about the theme of the milk production. Explanations….
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