Paya GD fille d'ASTOR

Sire : ASTOR
Owner : GAEC le Courlis, 85. Grosbreuil (Fr.)

Ranking VG85
Pedigree : Astor x Snowman x Bolton x Oman
Many thanks to the breeding Gaec le Courlis and their technician Mathieu Legay for this photo of a very beautiful daughter of Astor ( Latimer x Dorcy) born from an embryo as part of the GD+ charter and coming from a female of the Genes Diffusion nucleus. Please note that Paya GD has a son by Kingston which entered the program and is currently indexed 200 points of ISU.

 See the pedigree of ASTOR.



Misty ETL, fille de IPNOS MISTY ETL
Sire : IPNOS
Ranking : VG86 and Udder VG87
Pedigree : IPNOS x Bookem x Shottle x Manager.
Many thanks to the breeding of Riou and Olivier Balle-Pierre, their genetic relay technician for sending us the photo of the first IPNOS daughter calved, rather auspicious for the one who remains one of the French leaders for production and feed efficiency!
See the pedigree of IPNOS.


Jorda, fille de HASHLEY Jorda, fille de HASHLEY Jorda
Owner : Ferme de ASS ALPA à Haroué (54)
Pedigree : Hashley x Jordan x Mac x Shottle x Durham
Many thanks to Joris from the ALPA farm and his tecnician et son technician Benoit Cossenet for this beautiful photo of a daughter of our bull HASHLEY.
Jorda comes from a dam born from an embryo imported under the GD + Charte from the famous Regancrest Durham Barbie family.
See the pedigree of HASHLEY.


PJP Maelys fille de JEIRAKI PJP Maelys
Owner : EARL PJP Pasquet Jean Pierre 35 Chatillon en Vendelais
Classification: : VG 87 at 2 years
Pedigree : Jeiraki x Maximus x Bolton
We would like to thank to Jean Pierre Pasquet for this very first photo of one JEIRAKI daughter that has just calved. PJP Maelys, who has early maturity in milk, is a daughter of our Jeiraki and was born at the end of January 2016. She has already been classified VG 87 and has recently illustrated with a beautiful 3rd place in the last competition of Rennes.
See the pedigree of JEIRAKI.


Langouste fille de GEXDALE Langouste
Owner : Gaec Besson 85 Rocheservière
Classification: VG 86 at 2 years
Pedigree: Gexdale x VG 86 Atwood x VG 87 Shottle.
Many thanks to Mathieu Legay, the genetic technician in Vendée (West of France) for sending us the photo of this beautiful young cow, a daughter of Gexdale and especially to Cécile and Benoit Besson for the quality of their livestock, their confidence and their partnership with our breeding society.
See the pedigree of GEXDALE.


Lispred fille de HAPPYEURO Lispred fille de HAPPYEURO Lispred
Owner : Pascal Dupont, 02 Mondrepuis
Pedigree : HappyEuro x Skipper Red x Brahms Red
Many thanks to Mr Dupont and his genetic technician Christophe Lambert for the picture of this beautiful daughter of HappyEuro that has just been classified VG85 - 3 weeks after calving.
See the pedigree of HAPPYEURO.


PJP Indiana fille de FRIST PJP PJP Indiana
Owner : EARL PJP Pasquet, 35. Chatillon en Vendelais
Pedigree : Frist PJP x Folleto x Givenchy
Classification : EX 90
PJP Indian, a remarkable daughter of the Type Star Frist PJP, is beginning her 3rd lactation and has just been classified excellent, after having completed a second lactation of 13 547 kg in 305 days, fat 39.6, proteins 30.2.
Thanks to Jean Pierre Pasquet for having enabled us to buy this great type bull and giving us this photo of one of his very first daughters EX.
See the pedigree of FRIST PJP.


Diana fille de GABRIEL Diana
Owner : Pieńczykowski Robert, Popowo Poland.
Pedigree: Border x Carmano
Classification: VG 85
A big thank to Grzegorz - the sire analyst of the SHIUZ Bydgoszcz, our partner in Poland for sending us this photo of one of the first daughters of BORDER in lactation.
BORDER is very promising and first Polish bull that has been used in France and who confirms with arrival of his first daughters in production.
We also thank the owner, Mr Robert Pieńczykowski for his excellent work with his herd and his hospitality during the photo project.
See the pedigree of BORDER.


Lanterne fille de GABRIEL Lanterne
Owner : EARL FALYS - Bavay 59 (Fr.)
Pedigree : Gabriel x Dordogne x Reflection x SH-Model
Lanterne is a daughter of the bull Gabriel that you can find in the current Holstein catalogue within the Senior range.
Gabriel is a protein specialist, A2A2 and his daughters are well adapted to the robotic milking. Lanterne is a female with exceptional production : in 133 days of lactation she was already producing 5014 kg of milk with 3.04 % of protein with peak of 43.1 kg.
Big thanks to Charles Falys for his confidence and collaboration.
See the pedigree of GABRIEL.


Jookem fille de HIFI LYR Jookem
Owner:Gaec De La Fromière 55. Jubecourt
Pedigree : Hifi Lyr x Bookem x Million
Classification : G+ 84
To start this month of August , we would like to thank the associates of Gaec de la Fromière, breeders involved in genetic partnership within our breeding society and our genetic team EAST Philippe George for sending us this beautiful photo of one of the first calved daughters of Hifi Lyr.
See the pedigree of HIFI LYR.


Loreale fille de HITORIAN Loreale
Owner : GAEC Bonchamp, 85. Saint Georges de Montaigu
Pedigree : HITORIAN x VG85 Cosmopolitan x VG86 Bronco x VG86 Baxter
Here you can see the picture of one of the first daughters of the bull Hitorian and who comes from the breeding Bonchamp who is none other than the breeder of this bull.
We thank Jean Michel Champain of Gaec Bonchamp and Mathieu Legay, a genetic technician at Apis diffusion for their collaboration.
See the pedigree of HITORIAN.


Justice : fille de GUPKA Justice : fille de GUPKA Justice
Sire : GUPKA
Owner : EARL FALYS, 59 Bavay (Fr.)
Pedigree : GUPKA x VG85 Vaucluse x G+82 Riplay
Many thanks to Charles Falys for this fabulous photo of Justice, daughter of GUPKA, remarkable for her udder quality as well as her feet & legs and equally for her excellent production level: in the 4th control Justice has produced 35 kg / 3.95 % fat / 3.46 % protein.
The Genes Diffusion genetics team thanks the Falys family for their confidence.
See the pedigree of GUPKA.


Jupiter : fille de GIBSONS Jupiter
Owner : GAEC le Manoir, 85. Saint Maurice des Noues (Fr.)
Daughter of our N° 1 progeny proven bull Gibsons
Her pedigree : Gibsons x VG 85 Iota x VG 87 Goldwyn x G+84 FBI
Her ranking : VG 85 with VG 86 for Udder
Thanks to the breeding of Manoir and to Mathieu Legay, the genetic technician of Apis Diffusion AIC to send us the marvellous picture of this Gibson's daughter who is also a bull dam within the Genes Diffusion genetic program. Currently, Jupiter has one son that recently entered the station by Doorsopen and his ISU index is 200 pts. This young bull has very complete profile, just like his sire Gibsons.
See the pedigree of GIBSONS.


PM Iona : fille de FRIST PJP PM Iona
Owner : EARL du Pont Moulin, 44. Avessac (Fr.)
Classification : VG 86 with VG 88 for Udder
Her pedigree : Frist PJP x Stol Joc x Toystory
Thank you to Christian Sourget and Olivier Balle-Pierre for sending us the photo of this marvellous Frist PJP daughter who is actually a dam of sons in the Genes Diffusion program.
PM Iona who comes from the world- known American cow family: Walkup Bell Lou Etta, has currently 2 sons in our program, one by ABS Silver and the second one by Jedi.
See the pedigree of FRIST PJP.


Idole Red fille de GESNOW RF Idole Red fille de GESNOW RF Idole Red
Owner : EARL de la LIEGUE - 42 St Cyr les Vignes (Fr.)
Her pedigree : GESNOW RF x G+83 Destry x G+ 83 September Storm
Classification : VG 85
A little bit of colors this month with​ the picture of this Gesnow RF's daughter, new bull which got into the category of confimed on progeny.
Idole Red is a good looking red cow in beginning of 2nd lactation ; she shows many qualities with her rear udder and frame. This cow is also dam of a red bull which is now part of our program, son of Hicad RF P with an ISU of 181 points.
See the pedigree of GESNOW RF.


Owner : EARL de Butricourt, 54. Urcourt (Fr.)
Daughter of Grumar, property of the breeding EARL de Butricourt 54
Classification : G+84
Her Pedigree : Grumar x G+83 Niagra x G+84 Bonair and coming from the very famous family Rudolph Olivia from the breeding Gallais.
Many thanks to Etienne Koch, Benoit Cossenet and Philippe George for sending us this photo of beautiful daughter of Grumar ( Snowman x Roumare) who confirms on his progeny and remains very improver in protein, type and udder health.
See the pedigree of GRUMAR.


Jonquille Jonquille
Owner : Gaec of Frilon in St Romain les Atheux (Loire, Fr)
Many thanks to the Gaec de Frilon in St Romain les Atheux (Loire region) and to our genetics relay technician David Couhard to share with us the beautiful photo of this awesome FIRMIN Pom daughter who has been presented at the Genilait show.
Jonquille is a daughter of FIRMIN POM x Bourbon x Courier x Skywalker
See the pedigree of FIRMIN POM.


Iena fille de GOTATION IENA
Owner : Gaec de la Moulde, (16). Charente (Fr.)
A big thank to farm Gaec de la Moulde in Charente and their technician Fabien Goupilleau for sending us this photo of one of the very first daughters of GOTATION (son of Iota). Iena is a product of the mating within the GD + Charter and is also used for our breeding program thanks to her index 177 points of ISU and over 1,500 kg of milk as well as her marvellous type.
Her pedigree : Gotation x G+83 Ehman Isy x VG85 Virzil x G+84 Shottle
See the pedigree of GOTATION.
Suz Idole fille de FRIST PJP Suz Jolie fille de FRIST PJP Suz-Jolie and Suz-Idole
Owner : GAEC Sainte Suzanne, 57. Narbefontaine (Fr.)
Suz-Jolie, daughter of Frist PJP classified VG 85 in 2 years, her dam is a daughter of Dictator B+80.
Suz-Idole, daughter of Frist PJP not classified on a dam of Survivor.
2 superb daughters of Frist PJP - current # 1 in Type with +5.1, both of them come from the same breeding.
Many thanks to the family Muller from Gaec Sainte Suzanne in Norbefontaine ( 57 ) for these 2 beautiful photos an for their confidence in our genetic.
See the pedigree of FRIST PJP.
Inca fille de FRANCO MAN Inca
Owner : the GAEC les Decideurs farm, Saint Germain de Princay ( West of France )
Pedigree : Franco Man x Texas x Marcos x Macassar
Many thanks to the farm des Décideurs and their technician Fabien Goupilleau who sent us this beautiful photo of INCA.
This young daughter of Franco Man is in her first lactation and has had 34,6 Kg of milk at the first control.
See the pedigree of FRANCO MAN.


Harmonie Harmonie
Owner: GAEC des Baillys, 89. Saint Fargeau (Fr.)
Her pedigree: Escudero x Bogart x Jefferson x Laudan
Score : G+84 in her first lactation
Production: first lactation 305 days 11590 kg fat : + 3.46 % protein : + 3.04 %
Harmonie is one daughter of the Genes Diffusion bull Escudero, currently in the Seniors category and who is very interesting for the quality/price ratio, for the quantity of milk and especially for the excellent health traits.
Harmonie is working within the genetic program for her index, her production qualities and her outcross pedigree, her dam was born from an embryo imported from Germany within the genetic program GD + Charter.
Many thanks to the Gaec des Baillys farm and to the technician Luc Perisset for this beautiful photo and their involvement in the GD + Charter.
See the pedigree of ESCUDERO.


7280 7280
Owner : EARL La Boiseraie - 80 Moreuil
Pedigree: Felmo Red x Osmont DT x Gaska x Caboy
We start the new year in colours with this daughter of Felmo Red from the herd of Mr Jean François Macquigny of the Somme ( North of France ).
A beautiful red cow that produced in her first lactation in 305 days 10161 kg of milk with 3.28 % of protein. This nice cow reflects perfectly the qualities of her sire Felmo Red that are high protein production with functional type and great health traits making him one of the best confirmed Red sires and especially suitable for large herds.
Many thanks to the breeder and his technician for this beautiful picture !
See the pedigree of FELMO RED.


Iliane PG Iliane PG
Sire : Farmoy EBH
Owner : GAEC des Jumelles, 54. Athienville (Fr.)
Nice photo of the daughter of Farmoy EBH who has just re-entered the GD catalog within the Senior category.
Iliane PG comes from the herd of Gaec des Jumelles in Athienville ( North-East of France).
Her first ranking at the beginning of lactation is G+84 , which is a good progression because the two previous generations had 81 points.
Her pedigree : Farmoy EBH x Usty x Jocko Besn
Many thanks to the farm GAEC des Jumelles for this beautiful photo and for their confidence.
See the pedigree of FARMOY EBH.


Owner : EARL Delefortrie 59 Bousbecque
Pedigree Firmin Pom x Deige x Tinny
Pedigree : Firmin Pom x Deige x Tinny Many thanks to the Delefortrie farm for the beautiful photo of this awesome daughter of Firmin Pom who calved recently, just 2 months ago. Istoire is in her first lactation and has just been controlled at 37.2 Kg of milk.
See the pedigree of FIRMIN POM


Owner : EARL Lepoint, 59. Bavay (Fr.)
She is daughter of Boldwin x EX90 Damion Dynastie x VG89 Terrason Pie
JORDANIE is the new heifer champion of the North Region at Le Quesnoy (FR)
See the pedigree of BOLDWIN


Owner : EARL PJP Pasquet, 35. Chatillon en Vendelais (Fr.)
PJP Icone classified VG 86 / Udder VG 88
She is one of the first daughters of the French n°1 in Type: Frist PJP.
PJP URACILE, FRIST PJP's Great Granddam, is also the Great Granddam of PJP ICONE from the mother side as the Dam is an Artic x Zarik x PJP Uracile!
See the pedigree of FRIST PJP


Havraise P Havraise P
Owner : Gaec de Monte en Roye 08 Bossus les Rumigny
Havraise P : beautiful polled daughter of Fison PP, classified VG 85 and taking part of the presentation in the Genes Diffusion stand at the last Simagena show and winning a great success
Her pedigree : Havraise P VG 85 x DKR Airraid Joline VG 85 x DKR Shottle Bavière VG 87
Havraise P is born from an embryo coming from one donner cow out of the Genes Diffusion Nucleus program.
See the pedigree of FISON PP


2445 2445
Owner : Gaec Du Bois SEME 01
Pedigree : EROSTOL x Uhelvro x Noulet Gib
Classification : B+84 avec TB 86 Ma
See the pedigree of EROSTOL


Filles de FAMOUS MAN Group of FAMOUS MAN’s daughters
Owner : Gaec Gallais 35
Group of three very beautiful daughters of Famous Man in the herd of Gaec Gallais 35. An example of daughters of Famous Man that André and Jean Yves Gallais are happy to show us as they are cow/calf breeders of this still extremely popular son of Man-Oman.
From left to right:
Harmonica VG 87 3rd in the ranking at SPACE 2014 show on a dam by Goldwyn VG 88
Hongrie just calved and thus not classified on a dam by Sidney VG 86
Hourra G+ 84 on a dam by Million
See the pedigree of FAMOUS MAN.


HARGNE-Ant : fille de FRANCO MAN Hargne - Ant
Owner : EARL Antoine 59 Roncq
HARGNE - ANT is the first daughter of Franco Man in lactation, coming from an embryo produced in-vitro in the Genes Diffusion station within the GD + Chart program, concerning her dam, she was born of an embryo imported from the USA as part of the genetic program.
Her pedigree : Franco Man x Socrates x Goldwyn x Regancrest Durham Barbie EX 92
See the pedigree of FRANCO MAN.


Horale : fille de DT BENITO Horale
Owner : EARL LEGEARD (50)
New photo of a very beautiful DT BENITO’s daughter that reflects perfectly the quality of strength transmitted by this sire. Horale is in early lactation and is not yet classified.
Her pedigree: Dt Benito x G+ Okavango x G77 Mansart
See the pedigree of DT BENITO.


Hoise fille de FAMOUS MAN Hoise P2MN
Owner: GAEC P2M.N à Courtes (01)
Hoise P2MN is a new daughter of Famous Man that calved recently but has already beautiful appearance.
Her pedigree: Famous Man x VG 87 Megaman x G+ 84 Rotheneuf x VG 85 O-man
Hoise comes from the same family as the bull CAESAR, her MGD is none other than full sister of Caesar’s dam.
See the pedigree of FAMOUS MAN.


Hetofman fille de FAMOUS MAN HETOFMAN ( Famous man x Gavor x Shottle)
Owner : Association ALPA à Haroue dept 54
This young daughter of Famous Man has just calved; her dam comes from an embryo imported within the Charter GD+ program. This very promising young cow has worked as a heifer in the program and is still indexed over 160 pts in GISU.
See the pedigree of FAMOUS MAN.


Fille de FAMOUS MAN Harmonica
HARMONICA is the first daughter of FAMOUS MAN to come out on a competition (SPACE 2014) and to take a place on the podium (3rd section) despite the short preparation time she could have received (with the calving less than 3 weeks before the show). She distinguished thanks to a very good mammary system.
See the pedigree of FAMOUS MAN.


Filles de DT BENITO en Hongrie Daughters of DT BENITO in Hungary
Many thanks to our Hungarian partner BOS GENETICS for this photo of a group of DT Benito’s daughters of 2nd generation.
See the pedigree of DT BENITO.


Gitane Gitane
Classification : VG 85
Owner: EARL CIZERON (42)
One of very nice daughters of Eskaman in lactation on a dam classified G+83 Bolton x Lheros x Jocko.
See the pedigree of ESKAMAN.


HOLLANDAISE 42 41 82 63 03 HOLLANDAISE 42 41 82 63 03
Owner : EARL CIZERON (42)
Coming from the EARL CIZERON farm in Cuzieu 42330 and out of a great-dam born from an embryo imported from Canada within the GD + Charter program
DANILLO X G+ 83PLANET, dam of the bull HASHLEY (available in the Sexed range) x VG 87 BOLTON
Full-sister of the bull DERVEIX x VG85 FREELANCE x VG 87 OUTSIDE x VG 89 RUDOLPH dating back to the famous Comestar LAURIE SHEIK
See the pedigree of DANILLO.


CAPJ Decision - Ex93 CAPJ Decision - Ex93
Owner: GAEC CABON Frères (29)
This daughter of ROUMARE x BUCKEYE, well-known in French rings, comes from the famous German family GOLDINA (Aérostar). Currently in 4th lactation, she has been classified EX 93 with an EX 96 for the position of udder! After winning the title of Champion of Hope in the Finistère department in 2011 and that of Junior Champion in the same competition and regional Breton in 2012.
See the pedigree of ROUMARE.


Filles de CYPRIPEDE Group of CYPRIPEDE’s daughters
Owner : GAEC du Tombuy farm (Jean-Baptiste Decheppe)
Daughters of Cypripede in their first lactation.
See the pedigree of CYPRIPEDE.


Sire : DOALL
Owner : GAEC Roffat - Renaison (Fr)
Beautiful daughter of DOALL who confirms the very positive feedback of this sire with calved daughters. GIOLE Rof classified VG 86 with VG 88 for the Udder. Her pedigree DOALL x SHOTTLE x BOLTON x LUCENTE dating back to the well known Sweet family.
See the pedigree of DOALL.


Owner: GAEC Charbonnier - St Marcel d’Urfé (Fr)
Beautiful photo of this daughter of Laxter pointed VG 86 on one bull dam of Rikonvi with 79 points. Laxter who confirms today on his progeny was the first bull out of the family of the very famous LILLA Z, herself having an important influence in France.
See the pedigree of LAXTER.


Holma P (ESKAMAN) Holma P
Owner: EARL Beneteaud - Saint Medard d'Aunis (Fr)
This daughter of Eskaman, as her name suggests, is a polled gene carrier. She comes from one daughter of Lawn Boy VG87 x S Reflect VG86 x Rudolph VG85.ESKAMAN.


Favy Hemmy (ASTERIX WO x MICKEY) Favy Hemmy
Owner: GAEC Vial - Goutagneux (Fr)
Favi Hemmy is Grand Champion Heifer Eurogénétique 2013.ASTERIX Wo is a son of Shottle x Durham x Tri-day Ashlynn EX 96. This bull distributed by Genes Diffusion from the Cogent program remains a major specialist for type and health traits.


Fuentes (CAESAR x PIMAN x OFAIT x JULOS x LANTZ) Fuentes
Owner: GAEC Joassin - Puiseux (08)
Fuentes is a very beautiful daughter of CAESAR reaching as much as VG 85 points in her first classification. She comes from a dam - daughter of the bull PIMAN (MANFRED), herself pointed at G+ 83. Once again a really pretty daughter of CAESAR who reflects perfectly the qualities of this sire : the general solidity, the outstanding udder and very good members, making him one of the specialists for large herds.
See the pedigree of CAESAR.


Owner: Jean François Destombe - Bry (Fr)
Very nice picture of a CAESAR daughter, coming from Jean-François Destombe's herd (Bry, North of France), member of Genes Diffusion's nucleus. Fusée illustrates perfectly the type transmitted by CAESAR, which is very well appreciated by modern breeders, aiming at solid cows with good durability and easy to manage for robotized milking.
See the pedigree of CAESAR and ROUMARE.




Freedom (CRISALIDE x BOLTON) Freedom
Sire: CRISALIDE x Bolton
Owner: GAEC Leroy-Louvion - Avesnes les Auberts (Fr)
Freedom VG85, daughter of CRISALIDE x Bolton, is a bull dam for Genes Diffusion and has a son of Massey who entered the selection program. Crisalide is a son of ROUMARE x JESTHER, sampled and used in our program in The Netherlands.



Owner: Elevage Dubus Jean-Noël (62)
Hôtesse is one of the first FAMOUS MAN daughter in France. Real product of Genes Diffusion, her dam is a daughter of BERNAC, one of the most popular Shottle son these past years. Hôtesse is also one of the best in genomics with a 187 pts ISS index. She took part in the Gènes Diffusion’s Charter Days last November, amongst 35 top genomics heifers. FAMOUS MAN is actually the number one French son of Man-O-Man and the number one French genomic bull of his generation.
See the pedigree of FAMOUS MAN and BERNAC.



Fertile Pom
Owner : GAEC de la Pommière (Fr)
Her pedigree comes from the famous EX94 Benarlinda who has produced a lot of bulls. FERTILE POM is one of the most modern descendant of this family which is very appreciated by the French and foreign AI stations. She is also the dam of a polled bull, son of FISON PP, who is at the point to enter our genetic program.
See the pedigree of VAUCLUSE.



Sire: Snowman
Owner: Gènes Diffusion
Born in the farm of Cabon (29), he approaches 200 points of ISU with 199 points. He is one of the best sons of SNOWMAN in the world (if not the best) on a daughter of BOLTON VG88, coming from the famous Jennifer. GREG CAPJ is very complete for the production, excellent for the health of udder, with a very high morphology level (+3.4).

Dorée Dorée
Owner : EARL Lepoint. Bavay (Fr)
Dorée comes from the progeny testing of the sire BOURBON. Her dam also comes from the progeny testing of the bull SEMERIES (son of JESTHER). Dorée has won the following titles :
  • 2011 : Champion Young Cow and best young udder at Le Quesnoy (Regional show)
  • 2012 : Intermediate Champion and Grand Champion at Terres en Fête (Regional show)
See the pedigree of BOURBON.
Fenouille Fenouille
Owner : GAEC l'Egronniere, 85. Saint Hilaire de Loulay (Fr.)
Fenouille is one of the very first daughters of CAESAR, one of first genomic bulls distributed in package in spring 2009 and in sexed semen. He was also used as bull sire.
See the pedigree of CAESAR.
Crackholm Roumare Felicia Crackholm Roumare Felicia
Sire : Roumare
Owner : Elevage Crackholm (Canada).
Crackholm Roumare Felicia has just been classified TB89, which is the maximum score for a second lactation. Pedigree: Roumare x VG87 TITANIC x dam of the bull Crackholm FEVER.
See the pedigree of ROUMARE.
Sire: Canemark
Owner: GAEC de l'Alouette. Planques (Fr.).
See the pedigree of CANEMARK
Sire: Cypripede
Owner: GAEC Cabon. Plourin (Fr.)
See the pedigree of CYPRIPEDE
Sire: Cypripede
Owner: GAEC Cabon. Plourin (Fr.)
See the pedigree of CYPRIPEDE