Success of the Genes Diffusion program in Holland

The new indexes have been released a few days ago in Holland and several adaptations were implemented:

  • Replacing the breeding value for Durability with Longevity
  • Restructuring the calculation of the NVI with new weights for the separate traits
  • Changes in the method of estimating breeding values for daughter fertility
  • Introduction of separate genetic bases by breed for all traits
  • Harmonisation of publication rules bull breeding values

Those changes have been favourable for the Genes Diffusion bulls as Genes Diffusion now has 7 bulls above +100 NVI (equivalent to the french ISU), which means more than most of the major semen companies active in Holland.

Testing bulls in Holland has been a smart move for Genes Diffusion and has been a way to avoid the "corrections" that bulls proven abroad have to face when compared to bulls proven in the country.

The top Genes Diffusion bulls include:

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  Orcival daughters

Daughters of ORCIVAL, Hardenberg in Holland (2007-11-15)


Daughter of UTIFUL / BEAU RED : Thea 12 v Beau Red - Dhr Dijkstra - Oosthem

  • N°13: SALISBURY (Jocko x Rudolph) with +201 NVI and 108 type
  • N°21: ORCIVAL (Mattie G x Esquimau) with +183 NVI and 113 type
  • N°38: PEINZER BOY (Jesther x Lucky Leo) with +170 NVI and 111 type
  • N°43: NIETCOVE (Patron x Oscar) with +162 NVI and 109 type
  • N°96: ROCKO (Jocko x Lord Lily) with +143 NVI and 113 type
  • N°161: JESTHER (Mountain x Elton) with +128 NVI and 109 type
  • N°249 JONKHEER (Jocko x Lucky Leo) with +105 NVI and 112 type

See the list on the Genes Diffusion Holland Website.

All those bulls are in great demand in Holland thanks to their excellent type. In the dutch system, there are only 1 bull at 115 type and 5 at 114, thus ORCIVAL and ROCKO are among the very best at 113. As a matter of comparison, bulls like Stormatic and Talent are at 113, Titanic, Aaron, September Storm and Jordan at 112, LONARD at 111, Lucente et Aero Wade at 110, Lee and Gibson at 108.

In the meantime, on the red list, the Genes Diffusion bull BEAU RED (UTIFUL in France) is making its first appearance with 90 daughters in production. The son of Beautiful x Tulip ranks among the top 20 bulls at +1646 kg of milk and n°12 for kg protein. For type, with only 18 daughters classified so far, he has a very promising score of 108. The next index run is waited anxiously at Genes Diffusion Holland, as his full brother has just taken the n°1 spot in Italy !



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