22 ROUMARE in one herd

In the department Pas de Calais (France), there is a Holstein breeding farm that is unique, to say the least, as the herd comprises 22 daughters of ROUMARE.

GAEC Dhalleine, at Avroult, has a herd of 70 Holstein cows. Passionate about genetics, Dominique DHALLEINE wanted to use ROUMARE as much as he could, at the time. His son Maxime explains the reasons why his father absolutely wanted to use the JOCKO BESNE son. « It was mainly because of his type traits and high protein, and he was the French Number 1 at the time » the son of the breeder says.

The 22 daughters of ROUMARE at GAEC Dhalleine

Although sometimes described as lacking an early production start, the ROUMARE daughters totally meet the expectations of the breeder: powerful animals, solidly built, with top protein figures. Of the 22 ROUMARES in the herd, 13 are in their 2nd lactation with « a start with very good production peaks » says Marc BELLENGUEZ, sire analyst of AI Genes Diffusion and in charge of the selection matings. Daughter of ROUMARE : 5300It is a remark that you can hear quite often about the daughters of ROUMARE, which tend to express their milking potential more fully once they start their second lactation. For some of the 13 that are in second lactation, registrations of more than 45 kg of milk are not unusual.

With respect to conformation, Maxime mentions the transmitting qualities of the bull. « Not one of the ROUMARES has weaknesses in that area » he is happy to say. He can be all the more satisfied as conformation (especially feet and udders) is Daughter of ROUMARE : Canellethe most important of their breeding goals, followed by the fitness traits.

At GAEC Dhalleine they also use other bulls. In addition to the Pack range, bulls like DEIGE, LIQUEUR, VAUCLUSE, and CYPRIPEDE have been widely used in the herd in 2011. BERNAC and BUBASTIS are now completing the list, although they have been used as sexed semen.

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