Daughter of VIZIR P - Champion in the Czech Republic

The National Charolais Show in the Czech Republic took place on the 08 October 2016 in Lysá nad Labem near Prague. The daughters of the Charolais Optimal bulls highlighted at this occasion.

The majority of participating animals were heifers and cows having the French genetics in their pedigrees. The Charolais breed succeeded the Holstein breed in the well-equipped environment under the excellent management of the Association of Czech Breeders.

ROSA Z MEZIBORI P, the Grand Champion, is a daughter of VIZIR P belonging to the breeding HATLAK. This polled cow, who will soon be 8 years old, is really the wanted type with the size, the length, excellent rump and very good muscle coverage in the front and in the hindquarters. ROSA can be proud for her excellent production, once again her calf – male is being evaluated at the control station. The Reserve Grand Champion is one daughter of ECUREUIL from the breeding MECHOLUPSKA.

As far as the heifers’ championship for the 12-24 months category, we find a daughter of CIEL x RAVISSANTE in the leading position, belonging to M. Jan ZUZANEK and who is the result of an embryo exported by Genes Diffusion.

A daughter of GUINNES PP, belonging to the breeding AGROCHYT S.R.O. finished as the Reserve Champion of this category.

The Heifer Champion of the year is one daughter of CASTOR x BELLE belonging to the breeding of M. Jan ZUZANEK, this was an embryo from the Houdmon breeding exported by Genes Diffusion, the Reserve Champion is the daughter of VIZIR P from the breeding LEDR SOPOTNICE.

Other daughters of the Charolais Optimal bulls took nice places, including the 2nd place for the daughters of SUEDOIS and SUEDOIS and ERASMUS as well as the 3rd prize for 2 daughters of VIZIR P and one daughter of TREZEGOAL.