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GD MERIT : a forward-looking synthesis

Since 2014, the GD MERIT is the only index of synthesis that includes hoof health (Resistance to Lesions, Robustness of Hoof), giving more weight to health and economic traits.

Advantages of the GD MERIT

  • To allow the integration of hoof health in the selection.
  • To highlight economic traits
  • To foster an even more functional type and better harmonized with international expectations
  • To ensure a genetic progress on the new traits of differentiation for the computerized matings of dairy herds
hoof health

Stop to legs problems

Resistance to Lesions (RL) and Robustness of Hoof are the 2 predictors that are proposed, since last campaign, on the whole range of Gènes Diffusion. You have now the opportunity to integrate Hoof Health in the selection criteria of your herd.
These 2 predictors also make part of the new index of synthesis GD Merit, proper to Gènes Diffusion.

Composition of the GD MERIT

Composition of the GD MERIT

Production = Kg P + % P+ 0.2 Kg F

Udder health = 0.8 somatic cells + 0.2 clinical mastitis

Fertility =0.65 fertility cow + 0.2 fertility heifer + 0.15 Interval calving to 1st insemination

Type = 0.5 udder + 0.4 feet&legs + 0.1 rump

Hoof health = 0.5 sole ulcers + 0.25 interdigital dermatitis + 0.2 sole haemorrhage + 0.05 interdigital hyperplasia

Milking speed


International Directory
Index « Mortellaro » (MTL), was already present in the hoof health synthesis. It is now available on an individual basis for breeders, to allow a greater selection on this disease, the main cause of lameness in the herds.
The predictor entitled « Resistance to Lesions » (RL) combines genetic evaluation of different diseases and lesions than can impact the hoof of cows.. The synthesis includes resistances to sole ulcers (50%), interdigital dermatitis (25%), sole haemorrhage (20%) and interdigital hyperplasia (5%).
Gènes Diffusion has also implemented an evaluation of the « Robustness of hoof » (RP). It characterizes the genetic robustness of animals in relation to their need for trimming.