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Research and developement

Research, science and technology: Genes Diffusion’s staff has long refined a true passion for innovation. Thanks to this unique corporate culture, Genes Diffusion has become a global leader in breeding technology for cattle, pig, rabbit and horse reproduction. The company has provided livestock breeders with a range of innovative products and services - many of which have become global «gold standards» in animal reproduction. Day in, day out, Genes Diffusion’s staff continues to develop the company’s reproductive technologies and work with breeders to plan and build the future of their farm business.

équipe plateforme génomiqueCutting-edge technologies

Genes Diffusion’s technologies rely on the high-level research work performed by a group of 25 engineers and scientists. This research is facilitated by cutting-edge scientific equipment and preferred access to the best technological and scientific resources in France (Pasteur Institute of Lille, INRIA, INRA and UNCEIA research units).

Technologies that have conquered the world

opu-fivGenes Diffusion’s innovations are developed in direct collaboration with our field-based staff and provide novel, operational and very effective solutions to the key issues in animal production.

  • Semen collection, processing and storage
  • Genomic selection
  • Insemination
  • Embryo transfer

These technologies are currently protected worldwide by over 40 patents and trademarks and many have become «gold standards» in the animal production industry.

Advanced technologies for all sectors of breeding

Thanks to Genes Diffusion’s wide vision of animal production and its commitment to four major sectors (cattle, pigs, rabbits and horses), the group is able to make use of the innovations and techniques initially developed for any one of the four species.

Scientific innovation, for improving genetic profiles

Dépôt ADN puce IlluminaAs a pioneer in effective genomic selection technologies, Genes Diffusion provides livestock farmers with access to ultramodern genetics - whatever the production criteria and herd profiles.

Genes Diffusion’s cattle farming customers also have access to a wide range of sexed semen from Holstein and Charolais sires. This technology means that breeders can efficiently manage the genetic improvement of their herd, while optimizing their production activities.

Innovative equipment, for faster and more efficient operations

Genes Diffusion provides livestock farmers with a range of innovative equipment and technological concepts - saving time, improving safety & quality and optimizing technical and economic performance levels:

  • Self-insemination catheters
  • Automatic semen collection
  • Semen packaging machines
  • Boar semen encapsulation technology


Software-based innovation for optimizing semen collection and managing breeding programs

Several cutting-edge software packages have been developed for use in the livestock production sector: semen quality analysis, mating management, etc.

Technical innovation for better performance

Genes Diffusion is constantly developing new techniques designed to improve performance in animal breeding. For example, the company’s embryo transfer, splitting and sexing activities have contributed extensively to genetic improvement in cattle.

Genomics and bioinformatics

plateforme génomiqueGenomics and bioinformatics are opening up huge opportunities for stakeholders in the animal production. These tools can be used to characterize all aspects of a sire’s qualities or a given genetic profile: genetics, production, disease resistance, feeding behavior, morphology and so on.

As a pioneer in livestock biotechnologies (cloning, in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer), Genes Diffusion can now provide the animal production sector with hi-tech services based on a multi-species genomics and bioinformatics platform.

 See the "Genomic Area" section.